I’m weird


Hmmm….I’ve been wondering what to post. I don’t really have anything I want to say. There is loads going on in my head, but I’m not ready to share that stuff here now. Therefore, this will be a rambling post about nothing in particular.

Have you ever noticed the weird habits you have? I did not realise that I have this thing of putting my hand on my face with my pinkie lightly stroking my lip when I am thinking about something. It is the strangest thing ever. Hubby pointed it out to me. I did not know that I did it. I probably look like a mindless idiot when I do it; however, it is my thinking pose. Lol, it is like the pose the evil dude has in that Austin Powers movie. Weird, when I started doing it and if I always did it are things I do not know.

Another weird habit I have is that I need the bed to be neat and tidy before I get in. Dare the sheets be crumpled or the pillows out of place when I get into bed. It will annoy me to no end and I cannot get comfortable. It makes no sense, because they will rumple as soon as I get into bed. In addition, I cannot sleep with any part of me off the bed during the night. Like my leg cannot stick off the edge. It will make me uncomfortable.

If I am reading a book, no one is allowed to touch it. Hubby cannot understand this. He is quite happy for us to read the same book at the same time. I do not do that. Touch my book wile I am busy with it and feel my wrath. It is like someone invading my space. Do not go there.

About space…I have huge issues with people in my personal space. I do not do the hugging kissing thing. The only people that I hug and kiss are Hubby and my parents. Everyone else needs to give me space. I get antsy when someone is in what I consider my space. I have a huge zone around me that no one is supposed to step into. This makes standing in a queue a trial. Alternatively, when my crazy boss man wants to point out something on the pc. I cringe the closer he gets to me. Argh!

I cannot relax in a room where things are out of place. Everything has a place, and it needs to be there, otherwise I get crabby and have the urge to clean. I am no neat freak, but certain things have a certain spot. Like shoes can be thrown in the lounge, but under the table. Jackets can be left in the lounge, but only on the single couch. Dishes need to be stacked in a certain manner. The curtains must always hang straight. Never leave the TV on without someone actually watching it.

I am a crazy neurotic woman, I know. I can see it now reading back over this blog, and this is the tip of the iceberg. I wonder if I am going sink myself?


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  1. I am so bad, that when I walk past something at work and it is not ‘squared’ or straight, I straighten it. The peeps hear laugh at me! My kids also think I am a nutter! As for my man – no comment.

  2. Sounds like you have a bit of OCD going on there chick!!The only reason I don’t like bodyparts sticking off the bed is bacie things hide under there, and I would really rather not have my foot grabbed in the middle of the night!

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