On blogs and all these other social networking sites, we quite often see photographs. Which is fine, sometimes we all want to see the person behind the blogs, or whatever.

My question is: When you post a picture, which includes people, other than yourself, do you ask permission to plaster their personal life on the internet.

I value my privacy. If I wanted to tell you who I really am, I would have. I would post my own pictures. I know there is no such thing as privacy anymore, our personal information is everywhere for people who really want to find it. Does this now give you the right to put other people’s information on the internet without asking?

I was horrifed to find that some of my wedding pics are on facebook. Why? Who gives you the right to publicise my personal information without permission. I attend office functions, and the next morning pics are plastered all over facebook. Why? Why does anyone do such things? I don’t want to be on facebook or twitter or whatever else people are on these days. Many people have no boundaries and share info with work colleagues, info that should be personal. Ok, you want to share your info, but please do not share mine.

I don’t want pictures of me on the beach to be shared with my work colleagues. I don’t want my wedding pictures to be shared with all sundry.

There should be some kind of thought that goes into what you share on the internet, and how much of someone elses life you share, without their permission.


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  1. Were you identified in the pictures for example back row forth from the left Sally Missterious, or was it merely photos without giving identification? If there was identification I can agree with you.

  2. Hmmm, I sorta see your point about the identification thing, however I still feel it is wrong to put up someone else’s pics without permission. Especially if people you both know are going to see them. As to my experience in particular, I was identified. I have people calling me about the pics, and that was how I first found out.

  3. arcat this happened to me this year, pics of me and my boy on facebook. i am not on eithetr of these social sites myself. my dhs company doesnt like such things.

  4. If you’re not on FB, nobody will know who you are.And social networking sites are becoming more and more acceptable.You might be a bit too private, in wich case, I suggest hiding your face or not having pictures taken of you.On the blogs you do usually ask permission before placing a pic…FB? a totally different ball game!!

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