I live in one of those complexes. We all know what security complexes are like. When you choose to live in one you make the decision that you will live in close proximity to other people. There are rules annd things like that need to be adhered too. You know this and choose to follow them.

I know people value privacy, I do too. I also value being friendly. Why is it that some people will go out of their way to not see you. If you walk past their door (which you have to do to get to your unit) they bang the front door shut. It is not as if I am walking by your door because I want to look inside, or that I am looking inside your unit. I am just waking past to gt to mny unit.

We do not get this, and I like having the front door open. We bought a corner unit, so no-one ever walks past our doors and windows. What happened to moving in to a new place and meeting the neighbours. I feel uncomfortable to knock on their door and say hello, especially when the door is always closed or gets loudly banged shut if I so happen to walk past. I think it is little bit rude. Some other people, we say hello to. We do not visit with each other, but we do acknowledge we live in the same place and if we walk past each other we stop and have a short chat. Just so we know who is who.

What happened to social skills? What happened to being polite and saying hello. I’m not saying we have to be best friends and be at each others door 24-7. Just say hello. This morning the new neighbour first banged shut the door when she heard me walking out my front door. Then she waits for me to leave before leaving her unit. Little did she know that I had not left. I was still at my car cleaning up the back seat (I am driving other people today). So she had to see me in the parking. She ignored me and practically raced into her garage. I think that is plain rude.

So here I am stuck with the housewarming/hello neighbour gift I bought because I am too afraid to knock on her door. Maybe she will pretend she is not home and not answer. Hubby says I should forget about it and her. I’m tired of unfriendly people. I don’t want to be friends with anyone, just friendly.

Ok, so I wrote that part of the blog days ago, I guess I should update it before posting. I guess I’ll just keep the housewarming pressie, I have not seen her yet. Maybe she wants to be alone, and does not want the neighbours being friendly. Maybe Hubby and I are noisy and irritate her. (I don’t think so, correction maybe the drilling for the evil cupnoard upset her). Anyway, I have decided to leave her alone and keep my neighbourly advances to myself.

It is slightly disappointing for me, I thought it would be nice to see a friendly face. On a happier note: This is Hubby’s weekend home. We are going to attempt more home improvements (the evil cupboard is still; empty btw). And I think we are going to trawl some furniture stores for possibilities.


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  1. I don’t consider myself to be an unfriendly neighbour because when i see my neighbours I always stop to chat with them or greet. But what I don’t like sometimes is when my front door is left wide open especially in winter. Now FIL used to leave it open when it was damn cold and that would irritate me because the house would forever stay cold and smell like smoke. But in Summer I would leave it open and it is lovely. My neighbours are quite friendly which is a good thing and we don’t get in to each other’s way.

  2. I don’t live in a security complex – thank heavens!!I can ignore my neighbours with great aplomb!In those places though, it’s slightly silly to not know the people living around you. Maybe you should go to her and give her the gift.if she still ignores you afterwards, then she’s the silly one!

  3. I’ve thought about it Ghia, I have even considered leaving it at her door with a note, because the door is always closed. After yesterday, I think I’ll leave her alone.

  4. I could be u, you could be me Arcat :-)I am the same( will pm you my msg, cant take to much space here)people are just rude.

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