The episode of the evil cupboard


Oi! I’m sore all over. The new bathroom furniture has been installed, and this morning it was still there. It has not ripped out the wall. Hubby and I had visions of this cupboard ripping out of the wall, crashing into the bath and basin leaving them cracked and in pieces. We could see the viscious shards of mirror sticking up out of the soap and the shower door lying in a million little squares of saftey glass. And if we were lucky, some pieces of timber would have been lying outside, having fallen on someone through the window.

However, this morning the cupboard is still on the wall. We have been too afraid to pack anything into it. I said we should give it six weeks. Then pack in some toilet paper. Leave it for a week, then pack in some toothpaste if it is still holding. We can add an item a week until we hear a groaning shriek of screws tearing out the wall. Why did we do it?

I saw the thing on Wednesday. Hubby bought it Thursday. Saturday we went out and shopped for the correct fixings and then we decided to start. The cupboard did not feel that heavy, especially when we removed the doors (as all the websites say we should do). Hubby then drills the holes in the wood, the plan was to put the cupboard against the wall, mark these holes on and then drill holes into the wall. So there we are holding the cupboard up. Hubby holding, me marking, and then I realise I cannot reach the upper holes, ok no problem, Hubby will mark them later. So we drill the holes, manage to mark and drill the higher ones, then the major problem starts. We cannot line up the wood holes with the wall holes. We try and try and try. The cupboard gets heavier and heavier. I am reduced to standing on the bath with the cupboard on my head, my arms are too sore to hold it up anymore. Eventually we admit defeat, put the cupboard onto the lounge floor and call it quits. It lay there like an evil monster. We have taken to calling it the evil cupboard. So we are thinking maybe we need to call a male friend over. Someone who can hold one side of the monster with hubby on the other and then I can drill the holes. Who do we call? This is when it sucks to live so far away from your family. So we went to bed, sore and tired, with the evil cupboard lying comfortably in the lounge.

Come Sunday morning we have a huge breakfast to fortify ourselves for the renewed battle ahead. We decide to follow some advice we saw on a website that says we should set up a ledge. So off to get the ledge and more anchors (by then we had stuffed up the others with trying to line up the holes) Get the anchors, set up the ledge and wow, what a difference. We managed to easily fix the cupboard then. Half and hour and it was done. So now we have a beautiful storage cupbaord in the bathroom, the fact that is empty means nothing.

Crazy couple that we are, Hubby and I have bought 3meters of bookshelves to install in the lounge. That should be a breeze after the episode of the evil cupboard.


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  1. Bookshelves are easy! Did you get the floating ones? They look brilliant!Good luck with your successful DIY attempt – I fuss and fiddle until I get it done – hate asking people to come and help me!

  2. Delightful! and exciting when it’s your own home that you’re renovating….makes it so much more meaningful

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