Snotty store assistants


I am not one of those women that are perfectly dressed with great hair. I’m a kind of scruff. Especially when shopping. I will wear jeans and t shirts and decent shoes to walk in. No heels for me. I guess the way I dress lead people to believe that I am not worth their time.

Sometimes you might walk into a shop. (Hubby and I are currently looking for some new furniture). The assistants will not even bother to give you the time of day because they think you either cannot afford to shop there or will not buy anything for whatever reason. If you need to inquire about something, it is like blood from a stone. The same goes for other shops, and I refer to your more expensive stores. Why is it that the store assistants in these stores think that they are better than you? I take noting away from store assistants, I’m sure it is a sucky job sometimes, but then again we all don’t like our jobs sometimes. If you are in the kind of job that requires you to deal with people all the time, then sometimes you just have to grin and bear it, even if you think your time is being wasted.

Ok, I look scruffy sometimes, but this does not mean you have to be rude to me. Even scruffy people have feelings. If you work on some kind of commission basis, surely it is in your best interests to sell the stuff? Some of us scruffy people actually do have money to spend. We have decent salaries, but just choose to dress badly out of lack of fashion sense, comfort or stupidity.

It always offends me when people do this, I know I should not take it personally, they don’t know any better, but it still offends. I actually do dress fairly decently when I am at work, but come weekends I don’t want to be walking around like that.

Anyway, we have a weekend project.   Hubby and I are going to try do some home improvement in our bathroom. I am slightly scared. What if we mess up? What if we make huge holes in the walls. What if we drill through an electrical conduit. I know we probably won’t do that, but the possibilty exists. I am not sure I can carry the heavy pieces of timber. I’m no weakling, but things can get too heavy for me too. It is going to be exciting and worrying. I guess Friday afternoon shall be spent at Builder’s Warehouse, buying new drill bits, rawl bolts and the like. Our bathroom will look great if we get it right. We have built some pieces of furniture ourselves before, but nothing on this scale. I design larger things than this all the time, but I don’t ever actually build them myself. I’ll be even scruffier than usual (Good thing assistants at Builder’s Warehouse don’t care)

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  1. No matter how scruffy I look, the assistants at Top CD won’t give me a moment’s rest. I think they’re actually trying to get rid of me by being overly helpful.

  2. I adore that scene in Pretty Woman where she gets the last word with those snotty assistants!Good luck with your weekend project.

  3. I often go to show houses on the way back from the beach on a sunday – in slops and baggies and looking like a hobo – the amount of times I have been diplomatically asked about my price range LOL! Enjoy the home improvement project.

  4. This reminds me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I have always wanted t go back to a store with HUGE bags from another store and tell them the way they treated me was a BIG mistake LOL!

  5. Oi! My Dad always taught me not to judge a book by its cover and I never did.I used to work at a computer store while studying, and one late Sunday afternoon, just before closing, a young guy walked in with cut offs and slip slops, no one bothered to even greet him, but i walked up and asked him what I could help with, he bought two laptops, a desktop, a printer and software! And we used to work on commission!!

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