Here I am, all grown up….


I’m back again. The time with my family was great. There is not much else to say. I spent time with my family and friends and Hubby. It was just great. So back at work again and I think it is ok. I’ve not really cared yet to see what is goin on. Attended a meeting, took some notes and could not wait to get home. It is strange.

Hubby and I live in the same house, but with all the work we are working, we do not really spend time together. This week away made us both realise that being together is more than just making love or being in the same space. Talking about making love…..

I cannot in my parents house. It seems wrong. I know we are married and I know my parents know that we are getting kinky, but something about actually getting kinky in my parents house seems wrong. Hubby and I had a few giggles about that one.

It was great to see my friends and the designer baby. He is such a cutie, I want one too. Well, not a designer baby, but a baby. My sister has a bump now, it is weird seeing my little sister preggies. I don’t know what is going on between her wife-beating hubby and herself. They are apparently together but she saw a lawyer about getting a divorce. Apparently he pushed her the other day. She is pregnant. When I did see him smoking in the car with her, I said to him that he is selfish and it is dangerous behaviour. She may love him, but that does not mean I do. I think he is scum and needs help. He was not pleased with me, nor was my Mom. She says if we make him angry, he will take it out on my isster. I say she is in her situation because of fear, I will tell him like it is. People like him need no excuse to beat their wives, they do it anyway. I just wait for the day my sister can see this.

Onto happier things, I cannot believe we are about to start a baby soon too. Well try to anyway. We don’t really know if we can, never having tried. My Mom is a bit shocked at me. Hubby and I have spoken and we both agree that if we knew for sure that when we are pregnant and there is something wrong with our baby, eg down syndrome, we will not hesitate to terminate the pregnancy. I know many people will not agree with us, but that is how we feel now. We may not feel the same way when faced with such a decision. My Mom was shocked that we would contemplate termination. She, and my sisters, are of the opinion that you must be thankful for whatever child you have. It makes me wonder if I am callous with no motherly instinct.

My nephews are sweeties. The older one wanted to stay with me for the weekend. He says to his Mom that he will sleep next to me. So his Mom asks where will Hubby sleep. He looks at Hubby, says he does not know but he will sleep next to me anyway. I think the child was slightly confused because his Mom and Dad do not sleep together. He gets Daddy and his brother sleeps with Mommy. I don’t understand but it works for their family. The younger nephew is a bit of a terror, but such a cute one.

So for my birthday my Mom cooked up a storm and I had cake with candles and everyone singing and pressies and it was all so sweet and fun. After the sisters went of home, Hubby and I took a long walk on the beach, holding hands and talking nonsense.

Pretoria is lonilier now then before the holiday but I have memories to keep me a while. Back to work for me. You guys have a fabulous day.


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  1. Glad you had a good time chick.Let your sister realise herself – you can’t change her attitude.As for your baby things – let it happen naturally, and make your decisions based on the facts of the moment…

  2. Its sad to hear about your sister. She needs to carry on with leaving him. That behaviour cannot be good for her and the baby. Glad you had fun!

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