Still dreaming of the weekend….


All I can think about is the Holiday. I know it is getting old for you guys, but I am still so excited. My Mom called this morning to ask what time we would be getting there and what are we going to do with kitty. She told me how she has gotten “our”room ready for us.

So I am going to have a birthday party this year. It has been years since I had one. I am so excited about seeing my family, that sometimes I forget it is my birthday too. I have made dates with my friends there so we can all catch up. Hmmm…the one sent me a weird message saying she will decide if she wants to meet us. Well whatever, she does not want to visit, it will be ok. I think it might have to do with my old BF. She was and I think still is in love with him. I have never told her that he is actually gay. It is not my place to spread around his personal life. He was still in the closet the last time I spoke to him about it and I would not tell anyone else. He told me and I met his partner and they came to our wedding and we are still good friends. I’m sure Hubby secretly likes the fact that he is gay.

I always wonder if people look around the rest of your house when you are not there. We have someone coming in to feed our kitty. The last time someone did that for us, he told us he had a look around. I was slightly shocked. And he even told us. Not that there I think there is anything strange in our place that we need to hide. However, what might be normal for you might not be the same for someone else. I don’t know why I am self-conscious like that.

Anyway, the control freak that I am, we have to do laundry and dishes and make sure the place is spotless before we leave. I don’t want to walk back into a house would bread going mouldy in the breadbin….etc. Also, as my Mom says, never wear undies with holes. The same applies to you home when you leave it.

Ok enough dreaming and back to work for me. I’ll have to make sure it is all under control before I leave.


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  1. Enjoy the holiday darling andmake the best of it.I would not feel comfartable knowing that someone is snooping around my house either,just the thought of it makes me boil.

  2. Well, all I can say is, enjoy the holiday and don’t worry about what your catsitter might think of the place!!

  3. Soundsl ike you’re going to have fun afterall! That girl can go jump off a cliff. I mean really, why is she being funny about seeing you?I am the same. I always clean the house before i leave. Geez, i am not comfortable with someone going through my stuff when i’m not there! i dont even want my daughter doing. Creepy man!

  4. ppl are curious,when we leave on holiday, we ask somebody to water our plants, thats in every room.i haaaaave to have eveeeeery thing clean and tidy, also good to come back to a nice clean home.So enjoy ur weekend, u deserve the break..( will get back to u on the pm 😉 )

  5. OUCH!…. your ex is GAY! man that must suck! i tell you 1 thing though if my bf ever left me 4 another guy i def dont think i would be heart broken, i think id die laughing. not that im saying ur guy left you for a guy, my imagination is just running wild… sorry that was rude…Have a great holiday 🙂 have some wine 4 me 🙂

  6. lol, he did not exactly leave me for a guy. We sorta drifted apart when we were at varsity studying different things.But I get your point.

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