Holidays and all things nice


Yippeeee…..I cannot wait until next Friday. Then my holiday begins. My parents are just as excited as I am. Hubby too is feeling it. I told him it was his holiday too. I do not expect him to spend every minute with my Mom and I talking about everything and anything. He is welcome to have his games and tv and we are planning on being tourists. He has not really been in Durban much so most things are new for him.

I think I am going to dream about it too. Crazy boss man is away until Monday, so it is going to be a good day. I can do what I want, when I want, without him asking me what I am doing and to print something. I think I have PA written on my forehead. Who cares that I have trained for eight years to do the job I have now.

Anyway, back to Durban, I am going to see my friend’s new baby. I’m sure it is one of those designer babies, she is such a label junkie. I as usual never know what to buy as baby gifts so I stick with books. You can’t really go wrong with books, I think. This may be biased. I cannot imagine a life without books. We have a house full and now that we are thinking about kids, I wonder if they will be safe? The books, I mean, not the kid.

Now we are investigating the cost of having fixed bookshelves installed in the house, high and out the way of a young child. Wow, I feel like we are really growing up. House, cat, thinking about kids (preparing for kids), I did not think it would happen. I am actually lookin forward to it. I still have my moments where I think pregnancy is the scariest thing ever. I have taken to reading some of these baby magazines, they are very encouraging, and it does not sound like the nightmare I have had in my head.

A friend said the other day: There are millions of women who have babies easily and without too much trouble, we only hear about the few horror stories. I think she is right. I do not know anyone personally, who has had one of those scary pregnancies.

Hubby and I are much better behaved these last days. It helps to spend the afternoon in bed giggling and other stuff. Work need not be all consuming, and if one complains and complains, then it stays with you. (I don’t always remember this)

Ow I have to trawl the internet and find a recipe. I want to make a cake for friends to say thank you. Well it does not have to be cake, but somethng I can do in a weekend and that will be sweet.

Enjoy the weekend and have fun!

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  1. Hello Arcat,Enjoy the trip to Durbs thats one place you cant go wrong.Its always lovely there and there is always something happening.Have a great weekend.

  2. First of all, being pregnant was to me, quite amazing. The first time you feel your baby move ranks way above flying to the moon!!As for the books, kids don’t like books. They like little tablecloths with Royal Dalton figurines or filled flowervases…Enjoy the holiday, and the baking excursion…

  3. You sound really chirpy this morning. This is good Arcat. Hope the week flies by so that Friday can come and you will be on your way. Enjoy it

  4. Fear of the unknown is normal. All pregnancies are different. Don’t worry yourself unnecessarily. Enjoy your holiday. My parents are also in Durbs.

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