My Bday pressie


I think I may have a great birthday present this year. Hubby and I were chatting yesterday and I asked if we could go visit my parents. I have not been to visit them in more than a year. I miss them loads and it will be a great pressie to see them for my birthday. We have decided to visit for a week. We will arrive the day before my birthday. I am so excited. I know I should wait and see if both Hubby and I can get the leave at the same time. I should actually ask my parents first. However, I cannot not be excited at the prospect. A whole week with my paretns, and seeing my sisters and any other family I care to visit. I’ll get to see my friend and her not so new baby.

My birthday is in two weeks. We just need to organise somebody to feed our kitty and all is set.

I can see the thought of seeing my family is going to be all consuming. Yippeee…!


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