Despicable me


I’m going crazy I think. I seem to be all over the place. I know I am emotional and feeling all sensitive, but it is as if I am standing outside my body when I say all the horrible things that I do.   I know I should not, even when I am saying them, but I still do anyway. Hubby, the caring loving person that he is, still hugs me and kisses me afterward.


Work seems to have taken over my life, and I feel out of control. I spoke to one of the bosses about getting some help, and I do have some help now, but it seems to be a constant struggle with the boss I am working with now. He drives me insane. He does not understand me, I do not understand him, I am so stressed about messing up. I am so afraid I am going to make a huge mistake. I have aired my fears to the boss, and I guess I will see this week if there is any change. This constant stress has my head messed up.


It is not an excuse for me being nasty. That is a decision I make, sometimes I do it purposely. I just feel out of control, and I guess that then filters to all areas of my life, and I become out of control. I feel as if there is no solution to this work thing. Maybe I need to call it quits. Then I think to myself that bad situations will arise anywhere. Having personality clashes with the boss can happen in another office too. I just need to stay and work it out for now. That is easier said then done.


Anyway, I should be working now, to catch up with all that I can’t seem to catch up on. I’ll try to be good, will you?


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  1. Arcat – give yourself the biggest gift in the world and buy a book by Kim Meredith called the Work Diva. It is such practical self-empowerment and sensible advice on handling less-than- ideal work situations. x

  2. What’s the fun in being good?All the best with the boss – they do tend to make things slightly worse than it has to be…

  3. it’s hard to keep work and home separate. that is the first step.when dealing with an utterly impossible boss, i ended up at the doctor to get some help. made the rest of my life ok again.

  4. It happens :-/ to us all.we meet the same ppl with different faces…wait a little longer and see what happensbut u also shouldnt be unhappy in ur job that u go to every single day…

  5. I have been in the same place :(you need to get some distance before you drive everyone away which is my usual tactic.

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