My coffee cup


Hubby and I each have one of those vacuum cups. We leave home at 05h30 every morning so the cup of coffee in the car and at work is great. Warms one up well.

So here I am sitting at my desk sipping on my coffee. I keep thinking I smell Hubby. You know when someone has that smell that you know is all theirs. It has been a subconsciuos thought in my head for the last hour. Now I actually sniffed the cup. It is his aftershave. When he was holding the cup for me he must have held it up to his face. It is those weird little things like his aftershave on my cup that make me smile. I know it is probably going to be a harrowing morning, but I’ve got my cup to keep me going.

Work has become one huge stressful situation that I seem to have lost control of. There is nothing I feel I can do about it right now. So I will take, gratefully, the small things that make me smile. The things that remind me my life is not bad at all.

This is post is to remind me, that though the work situation is really sucky right now, there is so much else in my life that I am lucky to have. Today I will try harder to remember that I have a good life, and no single aspect defines all of me.


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  1. Sometimes N does the same,he rubs his face on my clothes(not intentionally though) and I smell him the entire day.To be honest that what gets me through my day.Work will always be work,no sense in hoping it will get better coz when you think you’ve seen the light….”bam”…. its gone.Just take it easy.

  2. What a lovely way to be reminded of the one you love. Yes, it does make one sit up and take note of what we should be grateful for. Have a good one…

  3. Thnaks Lisa. I’m not the kinda girl that takes it lying down, so I guess I will have a chat with one of the bosses this morning.

  4. I finally cried the stress away. Or so I thought, had nasty dreams. So time to do something about it. Sniffing though is an idea….

  5. I must admit it is one of the things that I do miss about my ex, catching a little hint of his aftershave during the day. Somehow it does not smell the same on anyone else! xx

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