I read Ms Mom’s blog about her dancing and I thought it sounded fun.  Hubby does not like to dance.  He says he does not how to.  So, not wanting to force him, I danced by myself, and he joined in too.  It was so much fun.  When you are in your own lounge, with your own music, there is a sense of freedom for you to try out all sorts of new moves, silly or not.

Ms Mom is right, it is a good way to warm up.  You move and with all the laughing, one is really toasty warm by the end of the session.  We will have to do it again, Hubby and I.
I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I am going to lie about the house doing nothing.  Hubby will have my car, so there is no way I can go out by myself (great, an excuse not to do errands).  Even though I resolved that work would not take over my life, it seems to be creeping back.  I have stood up for myself and asked for help.  I got given an assistant.
The assistant is not as good as she sounds.  She said that she had worked on this stuff before, however I think she lied.  She does not have a clue.  I guess I now have to train her.  Bother!  I was excited that she would be able to do as told without too much explaining.  This is not to be. I do not mind training people, especially in this field, I do mind having to do it when I am the only one left in what used to be a team of four. Oh well, no one said life would always be easy.
So back to the grind for me, I see the sun coming up and there is loads to do.

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  1. Good for you Arcat! Now do a little dancing everynight with hubby! It’s really good for the figure, good for the mood and bloody good for the passion!!

  2. You are right about the passion bit. I read somewhere that dancing is a form a foreplay. Hubby is now asking for other kinds of dancing too.

  3. The limbs snapped off while trying to dance under the influence of dance improving beverages LC.. (they are do wonders for your singing voice as well)

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