Winter love tips


Reading 68ghia’s blog this morning just got me thinking.  I know I seem to lie in the gutter quite often, but I will go with it for now.

It is cold these days.  Getting naked is the last thing we want to do.  Most people want to wear fluffy pajamas and weird bed slippers.  These are very unsexy.  It does nothing to get the love-making activities started. Who wants to get undressed, freeze of some important bits and then quickly jump under the covers.  If you are female, you may still need to make the icy trip to the bathroom before getting under the covers.  Then there is the cuddling.  Which is great, but then there are issues of being able to breathe.  You cuddle up tight and then after a few seconds you realise you actually can’t breathe and need to move.  The movement then creates wind and moving into cold spots of the bed.
The whole cold weather is not encouraging the love-making activities.  So what do we do? How to we maintain an active physical part of the relationship without feeling the freezing temperature.
Scene:  You are both kissing and nuzzling and caressing.  She says, baby stop that, you are moving the blankets.  Socks in bed are so unsexy.
What do you do?  Must we be spiritual and find the non-physical plane and take relationships to a new level? Hmmm….I can see that will not work for most people.  Also we don’t want a three month drought.
Here are a few suggestions:
  • Pick your time of day.  Don’t wait for the cold freezing night.  Early afternoon or the middle of the day is a good time.  It is not so cold, midday is when temperatures get to their highest.
  • Pick your place. If the lounge is the place that gets the north sun, make love there.  Warm sun is great.  Do not discount the bath as a place to get the activities going. (see 68ghia’s blog).  Hot steamy showers and bathrooms are good places to feel warm enough to get going.  If you don’t like the water, thick towels are great.  The closed toilet seat and basin are really useful items. 
  • Pick your clothes:  If you must wear clothes to bed then make sure it is sexy.  I know skimpy lingerie is not really going to keep you  warm, but maybe then concentrate on texture.  Silky, soft fabrics.  Soft sensuous material.  Maybe leave out the pj bottoms.  Replace with lace or silk. Your bottom half can be quite safe under the blanket.  Please do not wear socks to bed.  Very unsexy.  Think about stockings and garter belts instead.
  • Prepare.  Have a plan ahead of time.  Make sure the bed is made up in soft warm blankets.  Make sure the windows are closed so there are no unwelcome breezes.
  • Remember:  Skin to skin is the best way to warm up.  Artificial heating would probably help, but with the Eskom hikes and the need to be energy-wise other means must suffice.
Where there is a will there is a way. People in love can find a way.  Other suggestions are very welcome.

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  1. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tips! Half the men I know don’t give a damn what you are or are not wearing though..if you’re prepared to give it up they don’t care if you’re wearing hiking socks lol!

  2. You have the right idea there Arcat. if you close the bedroom door, and put the heater on just for a while, light candles,might warm up the spot a bit.If you’re really in the mood though, socks or a breeze should not really be a turn off. And I found that I work up quite a sweat…I’m sure you’re giving a few people lots of norty ideas now!!

  3. I know most men would not care about what you are wearing, however, you yourself need to feel sexy and find him attractive too. It is about setting the scene.

  4. Great tips! I cant slep without my sicks on because my feet tend to get frozen for no reason. But the clothing is a good idea.

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