Greys in the black


I’m going to be 30 in a just over a month.  I have really been looking forward to it.  It gives me a sense of “having arrived” to be 30.  I will be an adult for sure.  Doing all those grown up things like buying a home, having kids, cooking for guests and that kind of thing.

Yesterday morning I was putting up my hair to go out shopping.  I picked up a mirror to look at the back of my head.  And then I saw it. Many grey hairs.  I have seen one at the front a few weeks ago and I just laughed it off.  Everyone gets them.  It does not mean you are old, just happens.  However, when I saw the many long greys in my black hair I was sad.  I was depressed and I was disappointed.  I am already old.  I am already going to look old. 
There is  no hiding grey in black hair.  Colouring my hair is not an option.  I have weird allergies and it seems unnatural to colour my hair.  I’m a great believer in leaving everything in its natural state.
I did not realize that I would feel this way about grey in my hair.  Maybe because it has happened sooner than I expected.  My Mom only started to show grey in her late forties, and only started coloring in her fifties.  I guess I did not get those genes.  My older sister has her glorious black untouched still.
I know it is only grey hair.  Everyone has them, but when one sees your own for the first time.  When you realise that these are for real, it is a depressing thought. 

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  1. Oh you poor thing!!30’s still so young! Don’t worry about the greys – part of growing up. Don’t see it as getting old – see it as gained experience.Difficult – I’ve been trying to do that for the past 10 years myself!!

  2. stress i think causes greying. colour it. (henna maybe?) my hair will prob fall out by the time i’m fifty but that’s life!

  3. I’ve had henna on my skin before. Major allergic reaction: burning, swelling, hives. So hair is not important? Hmmm….hair piece?

  4. You are going to be 30 with grey hair, hmmmmm (dont slap me just yet)…I am 25 and I have PROPER silver hairs spackling in my black curly hair. The little buggers are everywhere, if it was on one side I could accessorise that part, but that would’ve been too simple.

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