Liar or stupid?

I have concluded that mobile phone companies are not really honest. After the fiasco of trying to end a contract I decided prepaid was the way to go.  Hubby fiddled with his phone so the thing needs to be formatted.  Easy enough surely.  So off he toddles to the store to get the thing reset to factory settings.  After a day of having the phone the technician says to Hubby that it cannot be done. The phone software is no longer available from any legal website and he can only get pirated software.  At the very honest mobile store, they are not allowed to do this.  So Hubby will just have to buy a new phone.
So Hubby calls me and tells me.  You can hear he is not happy.  So I decide to check this out for myself.  Get onto Sony Ericsson’s website.  There it is, plain as day, software downloads for phones.  Perfectly legal software that you can download if you own one of their phones.  Twenty mins later the phone is formatted back to factory settings, with new upgraded software. 
I then conclude, the technician is either a liar or he is downright stupid. 
These kind of thing usually make me so mad.  All the service and admin issues that come about when dealing with companies like these.  It used to drive me crazy and stress me out until it was sorted out.  Maybe I am growing up.  I can let things go much more easily than I used to.  I still want to control everything, but be accepting is something that I am slowly learning.

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  1. Cell phone networks / service providers etc in my personal opinion are all inept, incompetent useless thieving fuckers. I feel strontly about this.

  2. You should actually take the technician to task. He’s probably not a liar per se, but trying to make business – and that’s not excusable.We should all learn when to accept, and when not – as you get older that gets easier…

  3. Believe me – Vodacom is NO better. MTN cannot get their billing right and think their customers all have an IQ equivalent to the first digit of their cellphone number. Vodacom on the other hand have no network coverage and don’t give a shit either.But they’re awesome at using gazillions of rands not fairly earned to sponsor sport and various other wankathons.

  4. That is a fact of life – part & parcel of these companies. My son is in matric at boarding school and lost several cellphones due to theft; over the years. Luckily we had contracts and I immediately BLOCKED these stolen phones, (or so I thought) only to find out after a month that it is not blocked anymore… So it’s okay to steal; they are very obliging to correct or assist the thief with his story, or whatever lies they spin…

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