Fly today

Once again, before the sun comes up….
Busy busy busy bee is me these days. I was driving out the gate this morning and I looked up. I saw the moon.  It was one of those little sliver crescent moons.  The pretty thing was, that this morning I could see the whole moon anyway.  There was a faint circle which completed the crescent.  I told Hubby to look. 
 “I can’t see,” he told me “drive out before the boom drops.” (I had already swiped my tag before looking up so the boom was already up). 
“You are going to miss out!” I said. 
“I already miss out on a lot” he replies.
And that made me think.  I don’t want to have to say that.  He feels like he has missed out on stuff.  It is his responsibility to see that he does not.  The same as it is my responsibility to make sure I don’t feel like that.  Each person is responsible for their own happiness.  One cannot rely on something or someone else.  If you do, you always feel let down and missed out.
So here I am this morning, writing a blog again.  Work will always be there.  I can let it take over my life or I can control how much of an impact it makes. 
The good thing is, I like my work.  I am doing what I dreamed I would do when I was all grown up.  The other side of that is, because I enjoy my work, I forget that I am letting it take over in my personal life.  I let other things fall by the wayside.
So as you may have guessed, work is busy again, this is a good thing.  I have forgotten about the salary issues and I don’t worry about it anymore. ( Or not so much).  Step two of baby-plan has started.  This is the vitamins.  So Hubby and I are popping vitamins.  Never having taken vitamins before, it feels strange.  Having a child becomes more of a reality everyday.  So six months to go before we actually start trying to have a child.  I sit and daydream what it might be like to have a child, and the sensation of actually being pregnant.
Being pregnant is one of those things I thought I would never do, but now I am willing to try. 
On the weekend we looked at some furniture for the current study.  If is to be a room for a child to live in, we will have to actually get some other furniture.  This is not something we can afford all at once, so the plan is to buy in stages, number one item being a bed.
Anyway, back to work for me. 
Think happy thoughts and fly.

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