I’m trying to behave today


It is early.  The sun has not even properly shown its face.  I am hoping I can be good today.  I have been behaving badly and that only results in me feeling worse.  Why? you may wonder.  Why indeed I wonder too.  Maybe it is because I am finally tired and there is only so much a workaholic can take. 

I have made my peace with my salary issues.  I have decided I can go look somewhere else if I don’t agree.  No one is forcing me to stay here.  So there.  I will be happy with what it is right now.
What I am upset about is having to take over half done work.  With having to deal with people that won’t do their work like they should.  We all know what it is we are supposed to do so we should just do it.  I do not have to run around behind you telling you what to do.  I do not want to micromanage. 
So yesterday I had enough I snapped at a good friend and colleague.  The great woman that she is, she understood I was having a stressed day and did what I wanted.  Then I kind of snapped at senior here and I then thought this has got to stop.  So some music and sit at my desk, before I do something really unforgivable.
Hubby the darling that he is, loved me anyway and told me how great dinner was and kissed me and hugged me and tucked me into bed. He soothed away the nightmares I create during the day and kissed me good morning.
So good morning everyone out there and try to be good too.

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  1. good luck, i think just looking will make you feel proactive and better about things even if you decide to stay in the end.

  2. I always say “if everyone just does their part it makes life sooooo much easier”. This applies at home AND at work.

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