Too much info


I am one of those people that never know what is going on, but I do want to know too sometimes.  I think there is a thing as knowing too much.  The recession has been hard on many people.  The company I work for was no exception.  We were called in last year and told there would be pay-cuts.  They were doing this so that they would not have to retrench anyone.  Ok I can understand that.  Everyone was suffering.  Life needs to continue so you make a plan and move on.  Striking is not an option in the private sector.  You suck it up and deal with it or you they say bye-bye to you.

Some people had to make plans with debt counselors.  It has been a tough time.  So a bunch resigned for better things and more importantly better salaries.  I decided I would stick it out.  Maybe loyalty counts for something.  Hubby and I were managing without getting into debt.  I guess I may have been afraid to move to another company.  Maybe I am too comfortable where I am now. Hubby and I spoke about it and we decided me staying where I was, was the sensible thing to do.  At least here, my chances of retrenchment was less.
Anyway so salaries have been slowly increasing again.  I figured things must be getting better.  A few days ago I had a chat with one of the people that have resigned.  I was told that the company was looking to employ someone else to fill the huge gap.  Fair enough.  We lost many people.  I figured if they could afford new people they could afford to pay full salaries again too.  So the person that got offered the job actually declined the offer.  The salary the company was offering was too low.  What were they offering? They were offering more than double my salary.  Wow! I thought.  You would think the new person has more experience than do maybe, or older and wiser.  Not so.  We are on exactly the same level!  How is it then that I do not not earn that.  If they would offer that to someone else on the same experience level and abilities as me, surely I too deserve that? I always knew I was earning below what I should.  However I thought it was a few thousand maybe. I enjoyed the working environment here.  I thought I would be fine with the lower salary this company could afford to pay. 
I did not know this information before and I was content.  Now that someone has told me, I feel discontent.  If I never knew, I would have been happier.  Maybe I should have gone after the job that was offered to me a few days ago.  But to me, it meant going against my principles.  So I will remain here and sit in discontent because I now know what they are prepared to offer other people. I definitely believe there is something as knowing too much.

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  1. Yes, you can know too much. But knowledge is never bad. You should maybe speak to the HR people or your boss or somebody.And just for interest sake – there’s not such thing as loyalty in business!!I always say, “Don’t thank me, pay me”!!!

  2. do not even talk to me about this, they cut our salaries last year, they have no intention of reinstating and have happily been hiring more people (which I don’t think is totally legal) I was underpaid from the start, now I am VERY underpaid and they say ‘times are tough, suck it up or you can go’

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