What do you want right now?

So Hubby and I were sitting in the long line of the drive thru’  (not really a drive thru if you have to park in it, surely?).  So then I started telling him how the younger naive me always envied the girls with the string of boyfriends.  I always thought what catches these girls were.  The boys were always willing to date them and fawn all over them. 
So I proceeded to get Hubby to tell me again about his old girlfriends.  How he sneaked into a secluded classroom to make out with a girl , who he dumped a week later.  Why? because she was easy and everyone dated her.  The second chick and how in six months of dating he kissed her a handful of times.  Why? She was just not that attractive.  The third chick? Long distance did not work out.  So then there was me. 
Reading through the blogs (now that work is a bit slow), I read the stories the girls with the string of boyfriends have to tell.  The boys were not that great or they did not stick around.  We read the stories of heartache and messy break-ups.  I’ve never had a messy break-up.  There was one drifting apart and one other but not painful then there is Hubby.  So in the world of men, I know very little, but I also have had less heartache. 
I consider myself luckier now.  I did not have endless hours of listening to morbid  soppy music with tears and ice-cream.  Agreed I did not have tons of Valentines from endless secret and not so secret admirers.  I had one, and we ended up in long serious relationship until we grew up and he realised he was gay.  I no longer envy the girls with the string of suitors.  I have found my one.  I don’t have to write blogs about how I am uncertain if I am in a relationship or not.  Please don’t think I am being smug here.  I’m not.  Now I just realise exactly how lucky I was, how lucky I still am. 
Sure, my Hubby or I could still grow apart, we could still irrevocably hurt each other and break up.  We are only celebrating our second year of marriage this month, but right now we are happy.  Right now I am better off then the girls still screening suitors.  Right now I am the object of mild envy.  We all have something someone else would like, and at different times of our lives we all want different things.  It is weird the way we grow up and change and more weirdly, how our priorities change.

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  1. Wow. You really are one lucky girl. Years later we laugh about the silly things we got up to every time our hearts were breaking, but it ain’t so funny when you’re in it. Enjoy it, hun.

  2. I’m jealous, but in a good way. :0)I am happily single and don’t anyone to “complete” me but I do admit to being a bit envious of people that are genuinely happy together, as they are few and far between.I am so happy that you know how lucky you are and don’t take it for granted. :0)

  3. “Right now I am the object of mild envy. We all have something someone else would like…”Aint that just true… I wish you more happiness with your hubby… Its never good to end up as a statistic, but yes, with life, as we grow, we change… and maybe thats when things stay the same.

  4. I do worry Hunter that we may end up a statistic. However, there is something called love and I’ll believe until my heart breaks.

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