Open plan office rules, by me


My 10 DON’TS when working in an open plan office:

  1. Do not bring strange or strongly odoured meals for lunch.  If you do want to eat this, take your lunch box outside and sit in the courtyard.  Do not heat it in the internal office microwave.  There is little ventilation, the smell gets throughout the office and some of us want to hurl.
  2. Do not talk loudly during your personal phone calls, or any for that matter.  Any sensitive calls should be taken outside.  Take you phone and talk in the boardroom, your car at home.
  3. Do not sing.  No matter how great you think you sing, do not sing in an open plan office.
  4. If you walk by someone’s desk and you create a whirlwind that results in their paperwork flying around, stop.  Stop and pick it up, then make sure you walk in the main pathway.
  5. Respect personal space.  Do not hover around colleague’s desks.  Do not lurk. If you need something, excuse yourself and politely ask.
  6. If someone is sitting with their earphones in, with their back to you, do not call their name from the other side of the office, just because you can see them, this does not mean they can see or hear you.
  7. Do not cackle loudly, some people are trying to work.
  8. Do not watch movies with the sound through the speakers, use your earphones and watch discreetly.
  9. Do not leave your chair in the main pathway.  When you stand up, push your chair back in.  Do not put your stuff on my desk.  Use your own desk space.  If you find there is insufficient space at your desk, try cleaning it, or book the boardroom and sort work out in there for the afternoon. 
  10. Do not butt into conversations just because you can hear. 

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