Green washing


Reading Lili’s article about Earth Hour reminded me again of a blog I once wrote but never posted. Lili does not agree that Earth Hour actually does any good.  I can see her point.  However I believe the gesture behind Earth Hour is symbolic and serves as a reminder to us that we need to do our bit.

However, I think to myself then, what is the bit that we are supposed to be doing? Why do we need to save the planet.  I do not believe the planet needs us to save it. All this “green-washing” is for us.  We need to save ourselves. 
There is the concept of environmental resistance.  It basically means that when a population becomes too much for an environment to sustain, it needs to protect itself from that population.  Hence it begins to resist.  Hence the earth can take care of itself.  Apocalypse will occur and we will all die, and the earth will then fix itself and continue.  How could we hope to save the Earth?  It is much bigger than we are, we are not even certain of exactly how it works in the first place.  It is a complex piec e of machinery that is designed to be sustainable.  Not necessarily to sustain us, but to sustain itself. 
Also, the Earth lives in cycles.  So the changing of the seasons and weather patterns are perfectly within reason.  If the angle of the Earth’s tilt changes, then logic dictates that the conditions on Earth will change accordingly.  I don’t believe we have to be alarmed at the changing weather patterns.  It has to change, the Earth’s motion is not constant, hence its relation to the sun, satellites, planets, all change accordingly. 
We need to take care of ourselves.  Turning off the geyser is for us, not the Earth. All the energy saving we do is for us.  All the “greening” we do of everything is for us.  We need to first realise that what we do is not for me as the individual.  It is for everyone together.  When we have the house lit up and the geyser and the under floor heating all on, we make it bad for everyone when there is load shedding.  When we don’t use the indicator that is standard on all cars, we make it bad for everyone when there is motor accident on the N1.  At the end of the day we need to stop thinking about saving the Earth, but about saving the people in it.  Our bit is to be unselfish and realise that we need to make it better foe all of us.  Stop thinking in individual terms.  Stop with the instant gratification.  We need to work together for a better life for all.

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