MOB’s and Boredom


Have you ever heard that term bored to tears? Ever actually thought what it means?  I know.  About two hours ago I sat in a closed toilet stall crying because I am so bored.  I did not really think these things happen, but they do.  I cannot take this lack of work anymore. Hubby is no help, he is too busy at work to talk to me, I’m jealous.  I love having too much to do.  Then I have a plan and I get stuff done.  Here I have to pretend I am busy, but there is nothing to do! Someone give me work.  I feel like speaking to one of the directors about this.  I can see I am really unhappy about this.  I can see it is going to get worse.  I don’t want to be sitting in the toilet crying again.  And what a worthless reason to lose tears over…Boredom.

I even considered pretending to be ill so I could just go home.  I am not sure why I should have no work.  At this stage I should be really busy, but it is not happening.  I have tried to make up all sorts to do, but I am now outta ideas.  I guess it could be worse.  I could be at home without a job. 
Also, it does not help that I am currently listening to really bad music, but at least it is music. 
I still can’t eat.  Well nothing is wrong, I can put food in my mouth, chew and swallow. However, everything still smells bad and even though I get hungry, I cannot make myself eat the stuff.  To Nessers, I did go pee on a stick.  Nothing.  Right now to be pregnant would be a relief.  I would know what all this is about.  I’m thinking the crying in the toilet is partly to do with it. 
So there is a MOB this Saturday here in Pretoria.  I’m still wondering whether I should go or not.  Well I have till the end of the day to decide. I’m not sure I want people to know who I am.  There is a comfort in anonymity.  It allows me to write freely.  I can just put down the things that float around in my head.  On the other hand, I do not want to miss the opportunity to meet new people.  I read the list of people that have said that they will attend, and disappointingly there are not many women24 bloggers.  Do you guys know there is a MOB this Saturday? Go check out Penny the Letterdash community manager’s blog. It is called Joburg MOB ( I hope I got that right.  I would post a link, but it does not always work). 
At least I have looked busy while typing this blog so people think I am not totally wasting time.  Work is wasting my time.   

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  1. I have a real book sitting right here and I am itching to read it, however, it is not appropriate. E-books though is an idea.

  2. I know how it feels to be bored at work!! Have not actually cried about it, but I read the newspaper from beginning to end. Everything but the sport section…If you don’t feel up to the MOB, don’t sweat it. we’ll take pictures…

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