I am breaking down


Whatever is wrong with me.  I feel like an emotional wreck.  I want to eat strange things.  I get ravenously hungry and then at other times the thought of food makes me sick.  My smell of my morning tea makes me want to vomit.  I cannot sleep the whole night through.  My bladder has lost its ability to hold anything for long.  I am not pregnant if that is what you are thinking.  I am not iron deficient.  I just feel wrong.  The only thing I want to do is sleep.  I am mean to hubby and then fall into his arms in tears.  Why am I mean? I don’t know.  Why do I cry?  I don’t know.  Sounds like some weird hormonal imbalance.

People are running around the office busy with something or the other, trying to negotiate something or the other.  I do not even have the energy to ask what is going on.  Someone popped by to ask for registration info so I must be minorly involved in what is going on, currently I am not interested.  I just want to go to bed.  I hope Hubby is not working late. 
The really sad thing is that it is still the beginning of the day and I am bored. There is no work for me right now.  I am tired of making my own work.  The long weekend was just that.  Long.  I slept heaps and now I don’t even want to eat.  All my food taste bad.  First I thought it was my cooking, so I suggested we buy dinner for Sunday.  Everyone eats KFC.  Surely it would tempt me to eat.  It was disgusting.  I then realised the bitter taste I keep getting is me, not the food.  Sin of sins, even chocolate tastes bad.  This is really disappointing.  I don’t want the doctor.  He is going to prescribe a bunch of pills for things I did not even know was wrong with me.  It is always like that if I go to the doc.  I go with one small complaint and come out with three other things wrong with me I need pills for.
Action #1: Stop being mean to Hubby.
Action #2: Do not give into the urge to eat anything strange.
Action #3: Go to sleep asap

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  1. If I get these feelings it’s normally that I am starting my cycle. Take a brisk walk it might help to ease some of the feelings. Thinking of you 🙂

  2. No. I just have been relying on the fact that I am not any bigger than I used to be and that my cycle is as regular as clockwork still.

  3. Maybe it is a hormonal imbalance dear. It happens. I know when I was on the pill my mood swings were completely insane. Now that I am off, it feels like I am back to my crazy self again. I hated being on the pill but there was no other choice.

  4. how old are you btw – you only get big in about the 5th month grin – are your boobs tender and are the bumps on the nipple raised? if yes to either question do a pregnancy test heheh

  5. Either you are pregnant, or you have a bit of depression going on.Maybe just go for a physical, check the blood and pressure and urine – just to make sure it’s not physical.Check out the internet – might find something on there…

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