Whispered conversations

I am beginning to worry now.  I hate that I have turned into such a worrier these days.  My peaceful fun work environment is turning ugly.  I am one of those lucky people that is doing what I said I would grow up to do.  I really do like my work.  I liked this office too.  It is medium sized, but there was no office politics and gossip, well none that I knew about anyway.  But now there are whispered conversations in corners and furtive looks.  People surreptiously searching the internet, or sending emails.  I wonder if they remember that our contracts state that emails will be read at the discretion of the directors.  What has brought this on?
The hiccupping economy has caused dissension in the ranks.  I believed that all was still well.  We would stumble along carefully, but all would be right at the end of the day. There was one resignation last year, but that was someone moving house.  It was all very open. 
And then shock of shocks, high level staff are beginning to resign.  What is going on? Are they leaving because they know something I don’t? As a result, the rest of us underlings are beginning to worry.  Some are worried enough to seek other jobs.  Should I be looking too?  I thought I was fairly settled here.  That this would be my long term plan.  That I had somewhere to go here.  Now I am worrying about what I might not know.
Hubby and I have talked about this.  I’m not sure finding a new job is the answer.  If I go somewhere else and the economy starts having a hiccup fit, I might be turned out first, being the new girl.  Here I am fairly unique, I think that I am needed.  But at the end of the day this is business and making money is the goal, maybe they won’t care that I am good at what I do. 
What to do?  I hate this uncertainty.  Every time I hear about another resignation, I fall back into second guessing my choice to stay here.  Hubby and I have made plans, some of which work around where I work.  Things like where we live.  I don’t know.  We approach the end of the month, there will probably be more announcements. 
Why is my perfect world being rocked?  It is not supposed to happen like this.  Things are supposed to happen for a reason, I cannot see what is going on, and that disturbs me.

I want to read your thoughts....

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