My love letter

Hey there bod,
You might be feeling a tad left out with all the letter writing going on, so I will get you with the in crowd and you can read yours and cry sweet tears too. 
You have been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I love that you are so sensitive and responsive.  I know that I don’t always listen to you, but you always tell Brain to give me a kick when I am not paying attention.  I thank you that the lump in my breast was not all that bad.  I thank you for the lump, I think.  It made me grow up and notice the world around me.  Thank you for being a constant size, it has saved me loads.  Things I owned years ago still fit me.
I stand in front of the mirror and I think you are beautiful.  You are sexy and I should really take better care of you.  I know the running makes you feel really bad, but I think it will eventually feel better.  Also, I should be better with taking the meds when you are feeling sick.  Sometimes I just want you to learn to take care of it on your own.  Toughen you are a bit. I want to apologise for the pill.  You have to take it.  Having a baby right now is not possible.  But it will happen soon.  You will start on the prenatal vitamins in a few months.
Your hands and nails have taken a bit of a bash, but do you see the thing that you have done? The lovely potted garden and the furniture? You are really good. 
I hope Brain is feeling a bit better now that you sleeping better. 
Remember  always I love you and I am thankful for all you do for me.

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