Sexy woman of the past


This weekend Hubby and I were at the local mall, just mooching about on our way to buy bread and food for the kitty. (did you know cat food gets weevils?).  So there we are, standing at the window of a store that sells pcs and accessories.  Longingly staring at the screen we would like to buy.  A woman pops up behind us and says hello.  She is a work colleague of Hubby’s.  She is also a friend of MIL.  So we have a quick hello, how are you kind of chat.  So when she walks away I comment to my Hubby that she has really huge breasts and looks really good.  I had only seen her in her work uniform before, which is very unflattering.  We turn to look at her walking away, and does she have a swing to those hips!

Hubby then tells me about when he was a teenager.  This woman is a friend of his Mom’s so he saw her quite often, and she was younger and sexier back then.  And then he proceeded to tell me about the teenage boy fantasies he used to have about her.  I think to myself: Do I really need to know this? He sees her everyday at work and they drive home together about three or four times a week. 
So then we started talking about pasts.  I am of the opinion that I don’t really need to know his business before he met me.  Unless it directly affects our life together now, I don’t need to know.  In the same way, I don’t feel the need to fill him in about my life before we met. I would rather not know.   Now, even thought I am confident in our relationship and love, I will now always see this woman as somebody who got there before me.  Remember she is his Mom’s contemporary. 
What do you think about it? Do we need to confess all our past life to our significant other?

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  1. Like you say, if the past will affect my future then it is good to know….I am the type that wants to know everything, my other half on the other hand, believes it does not matter wat happened then…….I guess its a matter of what is important to you in your relationship.

  2. If he is that open and honest about it, then there isn’t much to worry about… the relevant bits of the past are ok to know… just not the gory details 🙂

  3. At least she’s nice. And you know her. Maybe he should not have told you all the fantasies. Then again, he’s obviously quite secure so don’t worry too much about it…

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