How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you?
For me birthdays are an experience.  I love them.  I love the day that is all mine.  Just for me.  Even if no one else knows it is my birthday, I know.  I always start thinking about my birthday and all the things I would like to do to make it special for me.  So it will be memorable. It is definitely a day to make memories.
Hubby, on the other hand, says for him it just another day.  He does not plan what to do.  Here is me making plans for him.  Making suggestions on possible gifts and activities.  Why do some people feel it is nothing?  Surely we all need times that are for us only, times that we can be selfish and stop thinking about the other person. 
The only thing Hubby is definite about is the kind of cake I should make for him. Lucky for me, this year it is a fridge cake. 
So I have given him options:
1.  He can get out of bed at 5 in the morning and go to work.  Then he can spend the day as any other.  Get home at 8 in the evening and we   can eat  dinner and go to bed.
2.  We can both take the day off, sleep late, and then I will make him breakfast, take him to a movie, have lunch, and then back home for a lounge picnic (these are a favourite of ours).
3.  He can take the day off, I’ll go to work.  He can sleep late, not shower, watch TV all day, play PC games, and generally just lounge about doing exactly as he pleases.
4.  We can invite friends out for pizza on the day after his birthday and celebrate with them.
5.  We can invite friends for dinner to our house the weekend after his birthday and I will cook and be the perfect hostess, and we can celebrate.
I always tell people what they should do, how they should do it and when they should do it.  However, I do provide options so no one feels forced into anything I ask. He has two weeks to pick an option or provide alternate celebrations. At the end of the day it will be celebrated.

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  1. he is lucky to have you.i think it has a lot to do, if one celebrated it all the time as a child…i didnt and for me its just another day. we were not fussed over and having a cake was a treat :-/ sometimes at the end of the day.

  2. Oooooh i luv birthdays. I have never ever worked on my bday for the past 10yrs and if i can i normally entertain friends the wknd of my bday. Hopes he goes for nr2 🙂

  3. whatever happens, he should take the day off. a total non-believer in working on your birthday, esp when your beloved is willing to spend time with you too!

  4. He chose option number two, we just have to organise the leave and then shopping for his gift. Yippee….I feel like it’s my birthday.

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