The seduction

So this weekend I decided to do a little seduction.  (We have had a seven day drought brought on by missing pills and the fact that I have been struck down by germs, sneezing really kills the sexy bug). So I call hubby and tell him that I am going to kidnap him from work.  And on we go with the flirty smses and calls, until I realise I actually do not have it in me to drive all the way to his work and kidnap.  So we agree that I will kidnap him at the front door and have my wicked way.  So here I am planning the kidnap.  But I still have to do the normal stuff.  So on with cooking.  Butternut soup.  Only to find that the butternut has now stained my hands orange.  OK, hubby probably will not care about my orange hands, but I am now feeling a bit less sexy here.  As the time approaches I realise the bed linen is still on the wash line, with the bed airing.  So I rush out and grab them off the line.
Then MIL calls.  So I sit there having a chat, all the time thinking I have to save my legs and shower and dry my hair and I have one hour left.  This is now getting close, I am now feeling even less sexy.  So quickly shave (thank god for modern technology), jump in the shower.  What to wear.  Start digging up boots that I know Hubby loves.  Pull them on, tie on skirt.  Then I realise skirt must be ironed.  This seduction is getting out of hand. SO I iron the thing.  Tie it back on. Now I don’t have the appropriate shirt.  What to do? By now I am hot and starting to sweat, very unsexy. Dressed, realise the bed still has no bed linen. So there I am topless in a skirt and boots dressing the bed.  Get the stuff on, and realise I still don’t have a shirt.  OK.  Grab a scarf and “artfully” drape the thing over myself, I hear hubby’s car.  Oops, my hair.  Quickly grab a clip and pull it into a knot.  Send a quick sms to Hubby to tell him to come in and close the front door.  I am now feeling decidedly unsexy.
Hubby walks in and starts putting down his stuff.  I sashay into the lounge in my ensemble. He pulls me toward him and kisses me, and in that moment I realise I could have just worn my tatty jeans and t-shirt.  It would have been just the same. 
Talking afterwards, he said to me that the idea of the kidnap was enough to get him going.  The rest was by the way.  So much for my seduction. It all turned out really well, but  there was no need.

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  1. Haha! That is so cute 😀 I totally get what you’re saying about doing so many things before we can actually get to “doing” what you initially set out to do. It’s so tiring!

  2. i think its us women that get of on the fuss and the staging of the seduction. men don’t seem that interested in the details

  3. Bahaha too funny! Similar to mine, dressed up like a french maid (why do they want us to look like domestic workers?)walking around all sexy like with a feather duster in your hand…. and then realising that that tv unit actually DOES need a dust… and the paintings and the…Bleh :DGood post 🙂

  4. Sometimes things are most sexy when unplanned or spontaneous. When u have it all planned out u just end up getting more exhausted even before u’ve done anything lol.

  5. All that cooking and cleaning has got to go, so we can have time to seduce. I don’t even have kids yet. I fear to think what might happen.

  6. You have got it right. He did not really need the planning, but I guess it was nice for him to know I would actually do it just for him.

  7. Ye but I was like “Do not be expecting me to move or say anything, I’m not even gonna wiggle a toe for crying out loud I just dusted this whole bastard house”He didn’t mind 😉

  8. When you are logged in you go to the top of the page where it says “take me to…..” Scroll to the bottom of the list and click on spaces. I don’t know how all this works either.

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