I’m trying to work out how people sleep at night.  Someone tells me that they are in debt, financially in trouble.  Ok, that sucks. I feel for you and I will try to help.  I sit in the courtyard eating my home packed lunch (when you are trying to save, you bring your own) and then you walk up with your Woolies, stick in the microwave lunch.  Why? There is no time to pack lunch so you buy everyday.  Ok, but why Woolies, the most expensive?  And then you tell me how you are going under debt counseling and I see you with a new Blackberry (not quite sure what the thing does). 
Why do people do this to themselves? Why get deeper into the hole that only you have the power to get out of?  Is it some kind of mind-set?  Hubby tells me that I am just naturally stingy.  Yes I agree that I am a bit of a miser, but it does not come naturally.  I too want to walk into the Bodyshop and buy that delicious new body lotion, I too want to buy lunch, instead of having to pack it, I too want to buy books and shoes, but I don’t do it.  I know it will get me into trouble.  I know the home loan comes first. 
I do not believe I have less fun than those people that buy their hearts desire.  You learn to enjoy other things.  Celebrating something does not require expensive gifts or dinners.  One learns to cook.  Meeting with friends can happen at someone’s house.  Renting DVD’s and lying in the lounge floor all weekend as opposed to one movie at the cinema (the privacy of the lounge floor has its own distinct advantages). 
Do people not make goals for themselves and work toward it? I would like to be here in ten years.  And then you get there.  You make a plan.  Not to the exclusion of all else, and the plan must be amenable.   Everything does not revolve around money, one just have to adjust and manage to fit the plan with the flow. 
A  colleague tells me how she has so much debt, she does not even have money to go to the doctor.  And then she turns up with a new car.  Because she really needed it.  The old car is not good enough, because it does not live up to the standard of car her other friends own.  Huh?  Surely other people don’t matter.  Why get yourself into more debt because you need to live like your friends. 
I am wondering if people have gone mad.

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  1. I also wonder how they do it. Especially when they cry poverty and then drive that new car and use their BB while complaining. Hope you’re having a very good week, otherwise :)HUGS

  2. I received all the email comments, but there is nothing on the blog. Who knows? Thanks for the comment. I would have gone to the party just for the food. I would eat all she owes me. Lol, actually not really

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