Cravings for dinner guests…cannibal next?


These weird cravings are now beginning to drive me crazy.  I am beginning to do things.  I go for a walk to the mall just so I can smell the torch on waterproofing.  I have to literally tell myself NO! when I look at newspaper. Now the new one is camphor and menthol.  Argh!

Moving on to saner matters, we are having guests for dinner this weekend.  Thing is I don’t want to have guests for dinner.  I want to just lie down on the terrace and read my book.  I don’t want to clean the house for guests.  I don’t want to baby-proof the house for their little-one.  I know Hubby will help, but it will be me trying to be perfect little hostess, while everyone is relaxed.  Hubby does not have the same hospitality standards that I have.  Also the operative word is that he will HELP.  He will not be the one in charge and having to worry about whether everyone has something to eat.  That we have checked on dietary requirements.  That the rug-rat has stuff to keep her occupied.  I don’t want to do this.  So why are we? I don’t know, but we can’t very well cancel, I already cancelled the last one.  It was Valentines Day, I wanted Hubby to myself.  We had plans.

Now I have to trawl my recipe books and the internet to decide what to cook.  The budget is going to take a knock, guests always get expensive.  At least I know Hubby can do dessert.  I have this thing, Food has to be ready before the guests arrive.  I hate going out to someone’s house for dinner and they spend a large part of the evening in the kitchen making dinner.  And then I feel I need to help.  I do not like to work in foriegn kitchens.  So I make sure that dinner is something that can take waiting.  Or it is something that just needs 5 minutes prep before serving.  I thing I am turning into my mother.  I am worried.

I saw a recipe for creme brulee ( I don’t know where the kuppy is).  I thing I want to try it.  More like Hubby I think, with me looking over is shoulder.  If I am going to do dinner, then I am going to learn something and have fun doing it.  Though I think   to start making it the day before.

I do sound like such a housewife.  Looks like I missed my calling.  I should never have wasted time at varsity.  I should have just found myself a rich Hubby, stayed home and had babies and host dinner parties.  Hmmm…I can just see me, sitting in the morning room discussing the dinner menu with my chef.  Dreams…..however, I do like my job currently (most days, anyway).

I think the weekend starts too.  Work tomorrow will be a minor inconvenience.  A movie this evening will be good.


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  1. Guests do tend to be more trouble than they are worth. But at least you get to have food you don’t usually have, and Panado syrup for the yuppie larvea…

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