What is your love?

  1. He eats everything I put in front of him without complaint, even my concoctions.
  2. He will do just about anything I want to do, even dancing (He is very shy about dancing)
  3. He bakes me the hugest cake ever every birthday
  4. He unexpectedly brings me flowers.
  5. He soothes away my scary dreams.
  6. He brings me breakfast in bed.
  7. He buys me hot chocolate (Note: this a luxury item on the shopping list these days)
  8. He gives me regular massages.
  9. He calls me beautiful, even when my hair is a tangled mess.
  10. He is ready to go get me the book I left on the balcony when he is already snuggled up in bed.
  11. He opens the door for me.
  12. He is charming to my friends.
  13. He will go without sleep, just to spend time with me ( when he works nights this is a toughie)
  14. He does the grocery shopping (because I detest it)
  15. He loves me in the morning, even if it makes us late for work. (we are getting better at getting there on time)
  16. He reads me bedtime stories (yes we own a book of bedtime stories)
  17. He never leaves home without kissing me goodbye, even when I am asleep.
  18. He never shouts at me
  19. He holds my hand, even when we are sitting in the lounge watching TV.
  20. He watches the horror movies with me (even though he does not like horror movies)
  21. He tried to be vegetarian because I was. (A man who comes from a family that will eat meat with every meal)
  22. He lies on the grass with me looking up at the stars.
  23. He asked my Dad for my hand in marriage.
  24. He comforted my sister the day her Hubby asked for divorce.
  25. He bounces my little nephew on his knee.
  26. He holds me and kisses me after I have had a tantrum.
  27. He loves me for me.

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  1. Sounds just like my Giant Rat! He wasn’t for sale at Menlyn though, the Government asked me to take him off the streets in Durban! Thanks for the visit ;-)xx

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