I have just been reading the book section of the W24 website.  What do you read?  Are you a bookaholic? I know I am a bookaholic.  So is Hubby.  When we moved house, the boxes of books equal the boxes of everything else we own.  We learnt how to do shop fitting, because our precious books need shelves to sit on.  I read anything.  I’m like a book glutton, if it is bound, I’ll read it.  Biographies, Barbara Cartland, fantasy, horror….anything! Once I start a book, I feel I should always finish. No matter how uninteresting, a book deserves to be read, someone wrote it, and I may find something interesting somewhere in there.

The one thing no one is allowed to do: DO NOT OPEN A BOOK I AM READING. DO NOT ASK ME ABOUT IT. DO NOT TOUCH IT. When I am reading a book it is my private world.  Do not intrude. I read and I think about the characters all day and wonder what might happen.  They are personal to me.  Dare someone intrude, and it shatters the world I have built. 
I do not like books with pictures.  It destroys what I have in my imagination. I would rather watch the movie first, then the book. A book opens a whole new world.  It is strange to hear a character’s name said aloud.  I have different sounds in my head and when someone says it incorrectly, it irritates me. 
I also do not often lend out books.  We have a mini-library, but I refuse to lend out books, except to a select few.  A few people who have been screened and I know have the same love I have for the books.  Some people borrow and you never see it again. Or their kids and pets have destroyed it.  Or someone smoked while reading the book, and now it is polluted.
I love second hand bookshops, they have some of the most beautifully bound books, the like of which Exclusive Books and such cannot compare.  There is something about secondhand bookshops that new bookshops don’t have.  I think it is the appreciation the people in the shop have for the books.  The respect they have for all those books sitting on the shelf.  It has that old paper smell and that kind of hushed tone to the shop.
I love finding a book, something special and pretty and good.  It is like a treasure hunt.  Do you like reading?

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  1. I love reading, it is my life. I spend handsomely on books. The best and rare books that I have I bought from secondhand bookshops.

  2. Without my books I will be completely bereft of companionship. I take a book with me where ever I go. There used to be an amazing bookshop in Parkhurst. Don’t know if it’s still there. Talk about rare books. But I like second hand bookshops because for a few bucks you walk out with hours worth of reading pleasure.Books are what makes us know things. How to speak, as well as how to listen.I might maybe be able to give up hearing things. But not see to read? That would be an absolute tregedy!!!

  3. Oh arcat, I do so LOVE reading. I liked what you said about people not touching or interfering with your book while you’re reading it. That really resonates with me.

  4. I absolutely love reading, in fact I read no less than two books at a time. My bedside cabinet is always piled up with books and I read anything & everything (and I always finish even the ones that are not so interesting). Whenever I buy a book I rush back home and before I unpack anything else I find the closest place to sit and starting reading:). I also buy books online nowadays because of the difficult of finding books in English here in Finland (or have to drive to the nearest city, as we live in the countryside). So, yep! I am a bookaholic:).

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