The staring cabbage

I like trying new recipes and cooking things I have not tried before.  However, I find I am really really bad with recipes.  I’ll read a few recipes and then decide for myself how I want to cook something.  I decide my idea of flavours is better and I customize.  I change ingredients for what I have available and what is cheaper or healthier to use.  I do not like cabbage.  I’ll eat coleslaw and spring rolls, but there is where cabbage ends with me.  Sometimes in a feeling a magnamity I buy a cabbage.  And then it lies in the fridge until I can bring myself to try to eat it. Unfortunately cabbages don’t go bad quickly so it lies there looking at me for a long while.
I bought  purple cabbage last Saturday.  I did not have even the vaguest idea what I was going to do with it.  Hubby sees it and asks what am I going to cook.  I just look at him and close the fridge door on the cold purple stare( he actually likes cabbage……urgh!)
So today I have decided I making a Russian Cabbage pie.  It sounds so exotic.  I hope the cabbage will be disguised amongst the puff pastry. The recipe looks easy and quick enough. 
I have decided to customize the recipe and use what I have.  It will be the kind of pie to use up left over vegetables in the fridge.  We are going to get fresh veggies tomorrow so we have to eat the last few lonely peppers and the staring cabbage.  At least this one is purple.  I thought the colour might help me want to eat.  But under that purple I know it is still a cabbage.  It looks great against the orange carrots in a coleslaw, but it is still a cabbage.  I hope I survive dinner.  

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  1. An idea for any kind of cabbage – got this from my aunt that lives in Thailand. slice the cabbage in thin strips. Cook rice. Stir fry some ground beef in a bit of oil, oyster or fish sauce and peanut butter. Mix the rice with the meat, and stir fry a bit more. Then you put the cabbage in, and just toss the lot lightly so that it’s mixed through and everything’s hot. Without the cabbage going soft. Quite scrumptious…

  2. I’ve never heard of a Russian Cabbage Pie… do please take a picture and describe the taste :)Purple cabbage is nice shredded with a lemon dressing on :)Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Glad to see you survived. This sounds nice though! I shall try it, but we are all O- blood people in our house, so I will add a little something meaty 😀

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