Sleepy Valentine


Hello there bloggers.  I am writing this blog because I am falling asleep.  The last two weeks, I find that I cannot stay awake.  It is  a struggle as I sit here at my desk.  If I would give in and close my eyes I will be asleep. Long lines of drool and loud snoring. I guess my body needs a break.   It needs something that it is not getting.  Hence the sleepiness and weird cravings.  I think it must be some kind of iron deficiency.

I am one of those sickly morning people.  I am awake immediately and talkative and ready to face the day.  These days I can hardly drag myself out.  I cannot open my eyes.  I feel ill and nauseous and even my hubby is livelier than I am. 
I probably look as bad as I feel. Poor hubby, I even begin to fall asleep while he is busy getting kinky with me.  All the caressing is so relaxing.  Lucky thing his ego can take it. Lol.
I love Valentine’s Day.  Me, I’m not a hater.  It is a good opportunity to get all soppy and doing stuff together.  So we are starting on Friday evening.  We prefer to keep it simple and do things we know we can genuinely enjoy.  No going out to dinner for us.  Dinner is so staid.  One has to behave and dress properly.
We are going to get some DVD’s, blankets and food.  We are going to camp in the lounge and instigate the nudist colony.  This means no clothes required, unless we need to open the front door.  There will be no housework the whole weekend (laundry is the exception, but it will be done Thursday evening).  Dishes as we need it, no cooking required, only microwave heating.  Phones will be left in the car until Monday.  All baths will include bubbles, scent and candles.  All showers will require at least two people at a time.  The bed will not need to be made, it is easier to get in a rumpled bed.  There will be no errands to run. It is going to be a great Valentines weekend.  I cannot wait for this work week to be over.

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