Have you seen my brain?


I think that I finally completely lost it. For the last few days I have had the strongest urge to eat paper. Paper, you say.  Weird! It gets worse.  I was at the tyre shop.  All those rubber tyres.  It was the best smell ever.  I wanted to stand there and just breathe it in.  The same with the rubberized torch on stuff they use to waterproof ponds.  I want to stand there and breathe it in.  I want to smell it.  I am afraid this thing might get worse.  Something is definitely not right.  So. if you don’t hear from me in a while, it is because of one of the following:

  1. The men in white have come for me, and I am in a padded cell.  My husband has called them when he has seen me eating the evening newspaper.
  2. I have actually given into the urge and cut up my car tyres.  I have made myself an outfit with and I sit in the pond.  With me is rolls of paper.
  3. I have been fired.  The boss caught me eating out the printer.

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