The whole procedure of buying a house is one that is fraught with anxiety, stress, excitement, hope and waiting.  I can hardly wait until I know that the house is ours, that there is no more paper work to fill out.  How do people do this.  It has been driving me crazy. All the paperwork, all the endless forms to be filled out so you can tell everyone every tiny detail of your life.  Everyone gets a copy of all your very personal information.  Nothing is sacred, everything is everyone’s business. And after you have bared your soul, they ask for more.
I have found the whole procedure really taxing and it is still not over.  And then the moving house awaits.  Buying a house is an admin nightmare.  I am praying all the documentation is in order.  I have a knack of getting myself in a tangle when it comes to admin.  I am just so afraid something will go wrong.  We have never bought anything so expensive before.  I just want to move in and stop thinking of all these things.  I know for the first few months that the home loan payments are going to give us sleepless nights.  Yes, we have done the responsible thing and done the budget, we have bought a house we feel we can afford, but still, I am afraid.  I think I am just a horrible control freak and I cannot let anything be.  The sad life that I lead….
Hubby looks so relaxed.  He just goes with the flow and things still get done. How? There is me ranting and raving and stressing and having nightmares.  And there is him, relaxed and feeling fine.  I hope I do not rub off on him.  That would be a sad day.

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  1. Yes we have just started this epic journey ourselves and do you think for the life of me I can track down my last 3 month bank statements??????

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