A house filled with boxes is not the most comforting sight.  And I look at them and think that I really should buckle down this packing thing.  I have no motivation to do it.  There are so many other things that need attention.  Yesterday, finishing up the cupboard so that it finally looks like it should.  And that takes longer than I thought.  Did anyone realise that to mitre cut a quarter round actually is slightly difficult.  One needs to visualise the cut before making it. Good thing I bought extra timber.  And when Hubby is home to help me, I want to do everything else, besides packing.  I would rather spend time with him doing fun stuff.  I know we will finally get there. Anyway, it is good to be moving into a place that will be the last move for a long time. 
It is time to settle down and start the family.  We are both ready now.  It is something we look forward to.  We feel we are ready.  However, the one point of mild dissension: adoption or our own genes.  I would love to adopt a child.  For me it is the right thing to do.  The thing that feels like I should.  Hubby on the other hand does not want to do so. He says he will do it for me, but I know that is not the way.  Making our own baby is fine by me too.  It feels slightly wasteful though.  Difficult to explain. Hubby feels the need to spread the genes and I guess that is what we will do. So by the end of the year we will hopefully get going.
A friend said to me that we should not plan everything. That having a child is a gift and we should allow it to happen.  Yes, I will consider it a privilege to have a child.  However, it is an important event.  It should be planned and made ready and expected and waited for.  Maybe I am wrong, but I would rather plan.  Do the doctor visit, the vitamins, the medical aid, the savings, the house, all before the little one arrives.
So Busy bee is me.  I know things take time to happen, but the impatience is killing.  Sometimes I wonder if the need to adopt has anything to do with the impatience,  to have a grownup child all at once. 
Work will hopefully settle down soon and I can relax.  I don’t know when that might be, so I will have to contain the impatience and see what happens.
I had my car serviced yesterday and was happy to find out that it is still in very good condition.  There are no leaks or tears or funnies happening with it.  So hopefully all will remain well for a long while.  It is worth something to take care of things and not drive like a maniac. Life is good.  Sometimes I think to myself that this goodness will end at some point.  I am not saying upsetting things don’t happen, but it is not so bad.  It is not things that cannot be overcome.  Yes I moan and complain, but I know that it is not that bad.  Hubby and I have a good life doing things we want.  Our long term plans are on track.  There appeared to be hiccups, and we adjusted only to find that the hiccup id no longer, things seem to work out eventually.
I don’t know where this blog is going.

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