Staff Meeting


Hmmmm……I’m thinking to myself.  We are having a staff meeting tomorrow.  What could it mean?  My powers of deduction say:

  • It was the AGM earlier this week so it might just be a feedback meeting

  • The invite for the meeting is not just an email, it is a colourful poster thing so it leans toward happy things.

  • I have heard no rumblings about bad things (but this means nothing because I’m out the loop, don’t even see the loop)

  • I still have loads to do, lotsa work to keep me busy, so I guess I am not going to be retrenched.  Most people are busy so no one else would be getting retrenched.

  • I’m sure they would not call a staff meeting to hand out retrenchment notices

  • Increase? Highly unlikely with the recesion going on (but I’ll keep my fingers crossed)

  • The invite specifically excludes directors,  not that they can’t know.  It  is happening here in the office and they must have seen the colourful postes we all received. They will smell the biscuits and cake. What are they going to do, pretend.  Likely they proposed the idea.

  • I’m thinking it is one of those team building efforts.  Leave out the directors and people feel more comfortable.

  • Hmmmm……….I’m going to go for team building effort.  We missed our annual run/walk/cycle/crawl because you are so unfit team building effort last year.

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………mmmmmmmmmmm……….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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