My rose tinted glasses and yours


 Yesterday I was doing my usual old lady thing, sitting on the couch, blanket over my knees busy crocheting.  Hubby was leaning up against me watching TV.  And a thought came to me: ” Why do I love this man?”

I could not place exactly the point I came to the realisation that I loved him. 

” I don’t know why I love you.” I said to him

“OK……”he says to me, slightly confused.

I could not explain what it is that makes me love him. I just do.  And even now when I sit here trying to work it out I think maybe some things do not need reasons or explanations.  It just is.  It’s a difficult concept for me to grasp.  I live in a world of absolutes.  A world that only comes in black and white.  When I hit a grey patch, confusion reigns.  I need things explained in terms of logic, nothing can be just because. Which leads me to the next thought that runs through my head…..


There are so many people with so many different outlooks.  And where does your point of view come from?

Ones experiences?

The things we are told to believe?

The things we believe is the right view point?

The effort to conformist? or non-conformist?

Being forced to believe a certain something? And then I think…..


Can one be forced to do anything? Surely there is always a choice in every situation, just sometimes the choices are difficult and we think that none exist.  In my world of absolutes, choices are there, we just need to see it.

It may be idealistic to believe such a thing.

It may be limited to view the world in such a way.

It may be the easy way out.


It works for me.  I know it’s rose tinted glasses that I use but it makes my world a happier place.


What kind of filters do you use?


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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Somethings just is. Not to be explained. It doesnt have to be. It’s to be enjoyed and treasured.Have a beautiful day

  2. Even twins live their lives differently. Life can be a weird and wonderful thing. Won’t be long until the story is posted :)Enjoy your day

  3. It’s all the small things rolled up into one package that make you love him! At least thats the case for myself.Don’t you notice that if he is away or at work then it’s always the little things that he does or says that make you miss him!?

  4. I agree with Lindy. But I am also like u, I need things to be clear cut and explained. Don’t tell me just because!! And love fustrates me cos I cannot explain it or describe it!!

  5. Yes, its the small things. No man is perfect and us women must be superior to find it in our hearts to love them. Everybody has their flaws, and I believe in rather loving the devil you know πŸ™‚

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