What is make-up to you?


I have been sitting here and doing work that does not require my brain so as usual I have been thinking silly crazy thoughts.  Fourteen women work here at this office.  Of the fourteen there is only one women that does not wear make-up.  That lonely polony is me.  Hmmm…is it me or is it them?  I don’t think I look any worse for lack of make-up, maybe I am just used to it?

For me wearing make-up is a serious thing.  It has got to be nothing less then a wedding.  I own one lipstick (I bought it when I was married), A great mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip-liner.  This is the extent of my make-up collection. I have never done the make-up thing, and my husband saw me with make-up for the first time when we were married, he was of the the opinion that I looked strange with it (but then he is male and I can’t trust him).

Is make-up really essential?  I remember hearing on the radio once where the boss said to a woman that she was reducing her chances of promotion by not wearing make-up.  Am I?  No I am not limiting myself in my job, not in my relationship with my husband (he thinks I look gorgeous in the morning too), and I personally think I look just fine without the stuff.  Yes I call it stuff because that is what it feels like.  When I have it on, I am so self-conscious about smudging eye-liner and all sorts and I am never quite comfortable.

I am so not a girly girl when it comes to this kind of stuff.  What will I tell my daughter?  Who will show her? Oi, I’m making problems where none exist currently.  However, I have the need to sort out my silliness before we have kids (I know it will never happen).

Lots of women out there wear make-up as an essential part of dressing for the day.  They even whip out lipstick after a meal to make sure it is perfect. It is a part of their dressing, like remembering to put your shirt on, you don’t go out the house without it.  My mom is not serious about make-up but she too would never leave the house without lipstick at least.

Is make-up a mask some of us put on or is it as essential as your shirt? Mind you we wear masks all the time anyway.


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  1. I cannot bear overdone plastered on make-up. My regime consists of drawing around my eyelids with liner, adding a touch of mascara and a slick of lipstick. If I don’t do this I look really pale and people ask me the whole day if I’m feeling alright!

  2. Bibi, I know what you mean, I’ve seen girls here in the office that don’t have time sometimes and they look sickly without the eye make-up. Lucky for me, my eyes are fine without. They are big and dark

  3. There is no way that I’d be able to come to the office without my makeup on – could never do that to my colleagues! lol! I can get by with just foundation, blush and some lipstick…only make an effort with the eye makeup if i’m going out .. I can’t leave the house without lipstick on though – even if I’m just popping to the shops over the weekend – so ja, i guess it is a kind of mask or prop that we use…

  4. Jem, I’m sure its fine without the make-up too, but we all have out props, make-up is just a more common one

  5. I only wear make-up on special occassions such as weddings, parties, etc.For work I prefer the natural look with lip gloss only.

  6. As of late I’ve been leaving the war paint off.I like make up for bring out and enhancing the features.But if I didn’t have a make up artist friend I wouldn’t ever have had the confidence to do it.But I am all for choices and preferences…

  7. I know how you feel, I wear a little eye make up everyday but thats it, the other girls at work do the whole 9yards, make up, fashionable matching clothes, high heels. I wear my flats and pull my hair in a pony – yes I feel quite or rather very inferior to them, but my take is that I dont see clients at all so why should i put so much preassure on myself just to fit in?

  8. I hardly wear make-up the truth is I’m lazy. I’m lucky though that the office girls also don’t like wearing make-up, this way, I never have to be glam!

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