Sleep Budget PA



Hello there all.  Thank you for all the comments and advice on my previous blogs.  Still suffering sleep deprivation.  It brings to mind my varsity days were I only slept enough to drive safely.  I just can’t seem to fall back to sleep.  Hubby can’t sleep  either.  I’m not sure who is disturbing who.  Everything is comfortable, but the sleep evades.  The kitty has deserted us.  She won’t sleep with us anymore, guess we are disturbing her too.   But I guess we will eventually work through it and be back to the lovely nights of good sweet dreams.  
It’s not that we cannot fall asleep, but waking up and then falling back into sleep.  We will see.  The weekend is almost here and we are both not working so maybe that will make a difference. 
Onto other things:  My work is uninteresting today, but it has got to be done.   So I’ve been in and out of blogs quite often today. 
I miss my mom, maybe it  is because I saw her only a short time ago, and the unhappy thing is I do not know when I will see them again.  I have no more leave now and December I’ll probably have to stay here, budget, budget, budget.
Hubby is slightly under the weather and I am not much of a nurse.  I don’t have home remedies or know what to do.  *Sigh* I guess I am better at other things.  Someone just said something to me that made me think: She said we should allow God’s plan to happen and not try to make our own idea of what should happen happen. I’m not particularly religious but maybe I need to learn to not force the ideas in my head into being.
And to vent:  I am not a PA.  I do not send your emails, I do not make your appointments, I do not keep track of your documents.  I have loads to do as well.  I have previous work I am committed to before you came along.  I am the only one working on my previous project.  If I do not do it, no one will.  Your project has four people on it.  If you cannot work efficiently, DO NOT MAKE IT MY PROBLEM!!!!  I make a plan to get my work done.  Come in early, leave later, do not take lunch. I meet deadlines, this is not an excuse to take advantage of my ability to get it done.
There I feel better. 

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