Hey there fellow bloggers.  It’s been a great weekend.  I just relaxed and had time to myself to do nothing.  I was able to lie on the couch and read, or crochet, or watch a movie.  The kitty and I just lay under a blanket on the couch and basked in the sun.  And after this lovely weekend, I find myself feeling sad, melancholy is the word I think.  Why? 

The nightmares have started again.  I can’t think why. Poor Hubby cannot sleep.  I am constantly tossing and shouting out and crying in my sleep.  The thing is I cannot remember what they are about when I wake.  I just know I was terrified and sad.  Today that seems to have seeped into the daylight. Today that sadness from the night is still here with me.  I had a nightmare again in the early hours of the morning.  I remember this one because I told Hubby about it:

I was pregnant.  Hubby and I kept the baby a secret and I had the baby secretly and I brought her home.  I remember sitting on the couch with her and she was so tiny and I did not know what to do.  Then I gave her away, to someone who wanted a baby.   Later in the dream I am putting my sister’s son to sleep and I remember I had a baby once, but I cannot remember what happened to it. 

I woke up quietly but feeling so incredibly sad.  I just curled up into myself and I wanted to cry.  Hubby asked what was wrong but I had to wait a long while before telling him.  I am not sure I understand what it was all about or if the other nightmares are about the same kind of thing.  All I know is that I want to go home, draw the curtains closed, get under the covers and stay away from the world.  I just want to be alone.


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  1. Hi there, I dont really know you well enough to give proper advice but I can try :)Firstly, I had nightmares because I blocked some childhood memories. I went to a hypnosis session and it opened a whole can of worms, but I at least now know what I am dealing with.If its not blocked memories, it could be suppressed memories. Is some of this ringing true? Why is it upsetting you so much? Is there something you can do in your day to day life that can help you feel better during the day (and at night)? XOX

  2. Hey SNich, I have nightmares on and off for about four years now, these ones I cannot remember what they are about. I’m a bit of a heathen SNich, but I will take your advice in my way. Thank you

  3. Chai, I don’t think there was anything in my childhood. I had one of those really happy childhoods. Previously the nightmares were about something going on in my life at that particular time, like when I moved out of home, I had nightmares about losing my way home, being lost. These ones I don’t remember so i can’t work out what it is. But good suggestion, I’ll have to think a bit about what’s goin on now

  4. Hi Arcat… your dream brought a lump in my throat. I find that I have nightmares when I am overtired and stressed. Is something else going on within you that is causing conflict?

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