Rape of an innocent


I lie there in the dark place and I wonder to myself where is this place that I am at.  This dark and lonely place where it’s cold and I do not think that I will ever be warm again.  Will I ever feel the golden sunlight caressing my skin?  Will I ever feel the warm kiss of the breeze?

I hear the gong of the village bell and I know the time is almost here.  I do not know what will happen when they come for me.  Maybe the rope will not hurt, maybe it will be quick and I will not know what happened, will I know anything after?  I cannot sleep in this dark dawn.  The dawn of my death………….


He stands there and watches as they bring her up to the platform.  Why is she tied up like that?  It’s not as if she will run.  He can see on her face that she is resigned to her fate.  She looks so majestic, even on this cold windy morning and she looks regal and commanding.  It was that quality about her that attracted him to her.  He wanted to break through that confidence of hers, and even on this morning of her death he can see that he has not even scratched the diamond hardness of her inner strength.  Maybe she will cry, maybe she will show she is afraid.  This is why he is here.

He has come into town on this miserable day to see her broken. It’s still like a need within him to get in under her calm.  But even when she was lying on the hard dirt floor below him she would not scream.  He came for her in the candle-lit night.  He lifted the latch and found her fast asleep in that little room that was hers.  The rise and fall of her breast so enticing, her mouth so inviting.  He could not help himself, he had to have her.  His wife was asleep with their sick baby.  This was his opportunity, no one would hear.  It was the night of the feast.  She had stayed home to help with the baby she said.  He knew better.  The little whore stayed home for him.  She wanted him to take her.  The sway of her hips was invitation enough.  The way she looked at him over her sewing.  Did the little whore think that he did not know.  Well she would get what she wanted.  That was the night he decided to give her what was coming to her.

He was already erect just looking at her.  That’s all it took.   Just to see her, even now on the platform he was aroused by the sight of her. He’d have to get that wife of his to take care of him as soon as he got in.  That sniveling wife of his, at least she was a freely available body to serve his needs.

But that little whore up there on the platform had his skin in a fever again.  He remembers again the first night he got into her room.  He bent over her and took possession of that mouth.  The sweet taste was so delicious.  She woke up and tried to push him away.  He forced her back down and ripped the nightie.  She never screamed.  She never screamed because she wanted it from him. And he was going to give it to her good  The sight of her naked breast……….


I stand on the platform and it’s so cold.  Then I see him, the reason of my awaiting death.  He came for me.  He took what was mine to give in love.  I still feel the rough fingers pushing apart my thighs.  I see him naked and want to scream, I want to run.  But I will be quiet, because Maggie might hear me.  The sweet Maggie who has borne this beast six children already.  I will not hurt her by screaming.  I will not burst her bubble that this man loves her.

I felt his hardness pushing into my womanhood.  That hard rod forcing its way into my body.  I would not cry.  I felt something tear inside of me.  I felt my spirit scream at this violation.  I felt my spirit fly away from this horrible place.

And they came for me when they found I was with child.  They came for me to take me away. I did not tell.  The look on Maggie’s face.  The betrayal that she felt.  It cut me worse than his hard sword into my womanhood.  I went with them without protest.  The child came the night before last.  She was cold and blue.  Nothing can touch me.  My spirit flew out of this body the night I lay on the dirt floor and felt fire tearing through my body. I can hear  the priest asking me to confess my sin, I hear him telling me to ask the Lord for forgiveness for my sin of adultery.  I speak no more and shall never more……….


The priest walks away from her shaking his head.  They put the black hood over her face.  Even with that hood on he can still see that inviting mouth. And then the lever is pulled, she falls through the floor and not a sound is heard. She was lucky, he thinks, her neck broke.


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  1. Oh gosh, this is so heartwrenching – and incredibly sad. I’m at a loss for words. Ps. Thanks for the visit to my blog. I’ll be sure to post about Jem after Tuesday.xx

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