The domestic goddess has arrived



Hello there blogland.  Say hello to the good housewife.  I was the model housewife this weekend.  We had Hubby’s aunt and cousin staying over for Sunday night on their way back home.  I cleaned the house.  Everything.  Light switches included.  It was ll great looking when they arrived.  I made dinner and dessert.  I had showered and dressed and was looking calm and relaxed when they arrived.  Dinner was a hit and dessert even better.  I really impressed last night. At least his family is going to think good things about me.  

Hubby too was impressed.   He had to work so I had to do it myself.  He was supposed to do dessert, but my timing was good enough that it was already done.  But I won’t be doing the housewife thing anytime soon.  It’s hardwork.  Down there on your hands and knees scrubbing floors is no good.  Sometimes I wish we could have domestic help, but we need a house so its just us two. I’m surprised at how good we have gotten on the housework front. I think we have both figured out that if we do it often enough it looks better and its easier to maintain.

Onto other news…I’m an aunt again.  I have another nephew.  Can’t wait to meet him.  My sister is a serious breeder. Who would have thought se would go in for being mommy.  But she is great and they make beautiful kids.  Hubby and I sit sometimes and conjecture what our kiddies will look like.  Blue or brown eyes.  Dark or blonde.  We are on total opposite ends of the range. The kid is going to be a real surprise. 

And on the friend front….very strange.  Hubby was working all weekend and his really best friend, and out neihbour, was also home alone since his wife was away.  Me in my domestic goddess mode was all over the place cleaning.  He comes over to talk to me.  And then he tells me how his wife does not trust him and she calls frequently to find out what he is up to.  He tells me he is naughty and can’t be trusted anyway.  Then he goes on to say:” You are alone this weekend, I’m alone too.” Lol, what am I supposed to say to this. So I just said nothing.  Then he comes over again: ‘ What are you doing?  What are you cooking?” Then we have a conversation about how his wife does not understand him.  Was him talking and me just listening.  So I have to get away and then when I get back in he comes over again: Now to tell me all about a geyser leaking and what might be wrong. ( I am the right person to ask, it’s my field).  Then he goes on about how his wife wants him to come over to her  and how he just wants to stay here.  He really talked my ear off until my hubby arrived.  Then I had to invite him for coffee because Hubby wanted some too.  So he came in to sit with us.  Then his phone rings and it’s his wife.  She wants to know where is he.  He says he is having coffee with me.  Not mentioning Hubby sitting next to him.  I think he probably had a fight with her and is feeling a bit down.  Why do couples have fights? It just makes everyone unhappy.  Oh, a perfect world.  I wonder if Hubby complains about me like that when we have had a fight…..I don’t do that with my Hubby.  No way am I going to put him down with people we both know.  I might complain about him here where no one knows us.

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  1. When you are done being a domestic goddess over there, I have a job for you 😛 Well done. Try to ignore him if you can.

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