Spendin money and banks



So I have got Hubby out the pj wearing habit. Lol, all it took was an extra blanket and a closed window.  However, this has resulted in me now overheating.  I get to bed and in a short while I am too hot.  It’s all those blankets and the lack of air.  I have to drink water during the night I get so hot. I might have to give in on those pj’s I think.  I can’t take the heat. 

On to other matters…..I left my phone at home so I can’t listen to the state of the nation address.  I really wanted to hear.  Hubby called and wanted to know why I was ignoring him since he got no replies to his calls or messages.

I am going to visit the family very soon. I am so excited about seeing them again.  Mom says I should bring Hubby with me, she says I am lost without him .  Really?  I did not realise it.  But I will be going alone.  He cannot get leave over weekends and its such a short visit.  I am going to say hello to my new niece/nephew and going to try to convince my younger sister to come back with me for a bit.  I still think she needs to get away from her abusive husband.  I hope I can get her to see reason.  Not sure what I will do about her husband.  I am liable to hurt him if I get the chance. 

Work is pretty quiet today. I have finished my part of the project for the next two weeks or so.  I just have to do queries and then back to site to check out the finished product. 

I have just sent of the proposal for additional work we would like to do on the project already given to us.  Thought I would be twiddling my thumbs but we get more work.  This is a good thing.  Means international companies still have money lying around, and I am willing to spend it for them.  I actually got told that I like to spend money.  Wanting to use expensive items.  So not true.  I look for quality and something that will not easily look dated. Yes it’s not the cheapest items but it will last. The proof is in the final account.  I under spent their money by three million rand. And they still got a decent product.  Hmmm, the things I could have done if I had known there was more money.

Got a call from Hubby a short while ago. We have house guests for one night this weekend.  Guess who will be cleaning the house like a crazy women until they arrive.  There goes my weekend to do what I want, but I will be a good hostess and cook and stuff like that.  I’m going to cook in advance and all will be done when they arrive.  It’s his family and I would like to keep the good impression going.  I know they don’t care but I do. It’s the housewife in me that comes out when we have guests.

But where will they sleep? We do not have an extra bedroom.  The spare room is a study, and place for all the things we are not sure what to do with. Its so going to be the floor in the lounge. Good thing we own plenty blankets, and I guess I too will be wearing pj’s when they are there.  Do I even own any still? Shopping trip may be in order. 

I am so not one of those women who love to shop. It drives me crazy. I hate shopping for clothes the most.  Having to try on endless sizes and colours and what not only to find you actually don’t want it and its all just way to expensive. I grocery shop with a list and that’s all I get.  No walking through endless aisles.  I do not like the mall.  Open spaces for me.  I prefer an all day picnic to all day in the mall.

I spent a fourth lunch break in the mall trying to get my details changed to my married name.  Who would have thought the bank does not how to do this.  I think I may be the first women to walk into the bank asking for my name to be changed.  The shock does not end.  Now I have to send a copy of my ID and marriage certificate for every account I want changed and for every new card I need.  Is this not mad? All that wasted paper.  An email might have worked.  A better system where all could be done in one go would also have been great.  Not so.  I have do it multiple times.  I will not even go into the rude ineptness of the enquiries idiots.

But now all that is out and I am a happy girl again.  I’d rather do my raving here than at anybody.  But now I am bored since I do not have work to do until someone reads my proposal, gasps with surprise and thinks that I ma crazy for suggesting spending all that money.


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  1. I also get terribley hot..Glad you are going to see your family and I hope your sister will come back with you ..Enjoy your evening and stay cool šŸ™‚

  2. I’m also always the one overheating where everyone else is trying to crank the heater up even further. Why cant everyone just experience the same temperature? I’m sure you will figure something out. šŸ™‚

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