I have just run out of things to do now.  It’s been a stop start project and I wait for this one to be over.  It’s another long drive tomorrow.  Hope I don’t fall asleep in the car.  I hate feeling so sleepy that I close my eyes. (I won’t be driving).  I cannot wait for this day to be over.  I just feel listless. 

I have not been impressed with Hubby this weekend…he is wearing pj’s to bed! Since when? We never wear pj’s.  He says he is cold.  I know he is cold, but really now, find some other way to get warm? I call him chicken boy now.  Teasing him about the pj’s.  I do not want this to turn into a habit, but neither can I let the poor man freeze.  I’ll have to make a plan.  I might have to buy a heater after all.

My opposition to heaters is that they are not energy efficient.  Neither are the energy efficient ones  safe enough to me.  Heaters work with resistance and this just sucks up the power.  We’ll see.  Hubby keeps trying to get me to get one, I say no.  When someone makes a proper one, I’ll but it.

Why do stores still sell incandescent light bulbs?  Incandescent bulbs are loads cheaper than energy savers (the initial cost). People looking to save money are generally “pennywise, pounds foolish” and they will buy the incandescent. Then we all suffer.  If there are only energy savers available, that is what everyone will use.  Makes no sense to me.  

We all should recycle, but how available are the recycle bins.  I have to search and I still do not find any.    We do not get separate bins in order to separate out garbage, and hence people do nothing.  Everything gets thrown away.  If recycling was easy to do, or the means to do it is available, more people will do it.

I’m not enjoying winter.  Besides, the pj’s, I do not have time to do the afternoon walk.  It’s dark by the time I get home and then we can’t go out for our walk.  We went for a good long walk on Sunday morning and now I regret the short days.   I’m going to grow so inactive during this winter.  I’ll have to think up another plan. I will not join a gym.  Where is the sense in exercising in a building? If more people went outside, there would be more people on the street,in the parks, more street surveillance.  Who uses the parks….the homeless and those of us that live in houses feel wary of these homeless.  

Then there are the anti social people that put rocks on the verges!  What is going on?  Why would anyone take away a public space like that?  Rocks! Its the worst fad to hit our streets.  Pavements and verges are supposed to be public places.  Now where must one ride or walk, in the street so the inconsiderate drivers can run you over.  I do not know why there is no by-law against this kind of selfish, anti social behaviour.  

Sprinklers are a Gauteng phenomenon.  Why does anyone need to waste good drinking water on irrigating the paving.  The sprinklers are on timers and no one adjusts them to point in the right direction.  No one turns them off when it is raining.  Why not recycle grey water through the sprinklers?  Wetting passers-by.

Electric fences, another waster of energy.  Load -shedding here we come.  Those fences keep no one out.  High impenetrable walls with no view to the street creates nothing.  There is no interaction with the street, there is no surveillance, it is anti social.  

 Not sure where this blog came from.

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  1. Bambina, if I don’t nip this in the bud, we might be sleeping in different rooms a few years down the line. (I’m seriously exaggerating)

  2. Maybe an electric blanket or a hot water bottle? Its supposed to be energy efficient and its a known pj deterrent. Of, if he is allowed to wear socks, buy him that type you can put in the microwave. :)I agree with being green though. I save as much petrol as possible, compost, grow veggies, and recycle – every bit helps.

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