What if he rapes her?



I’ve been thinking about my sister a lot.  I have visions in my head of what he might be doing to her.  And just now I thought, “What if he is raping her too?” I don’t watch TV but yesterday I watched Oprah. It was about abused woman.  And the one woman said that it’s like an addiction.  This is why they can’t leave.  I do not pretend to understand, I do not understand what it is these women are going through.  I do not understand why they just won’t leave.  I have the urge to go drag her out.  Beat him up and take her far away.  Somehow empower her to have the strength to leave.

I was thinking about all the conversations we used to have when we were young.  How we would be no man’s slave.  How we would marry men who love us.  Men who would treat us like we were used to.  That we would live the privileged life we always had. 

Now mom tells me she does not eat sometimes.  No money for food.  Why? Why? When both my sister and her husband have jobs that pay well enough that they should be able to afford food plus luxuries.  My sister would get nails done every week.  Hair once a month.  Shoes and clothes whenever she wanted.  Now no money….WHY? Because he takes it all and does what he wants.  He is killing her.  He killing her spirit.  That little sister and myself were always getting into fights with Dad.  The three of us could sometimes really get going.  My Dad always used to say he is glad we argue back at him.  He knows we are tough and will accept no crap from anybody.  No one would take advantage of us.  But here we have that man killing her slowly.  And she does not have the will to say NO. 

My parents are at their wits end.  Too afraid to do anything that will make him hit her.  Wanting to take their child away from this man that hurts their baby.  I’m afraid that this man is destroying her and she is forever damaged. 

I think my mom is going to do something.  Something that might not be entirely lawful.  I am afraid for my family.  My mom said to me that she is going to give my sister the strength to leave.  She says whatever it takes she is getting my sister out.  I don’t know what this means, but this I understand.  I understand that my mom is desperate and she will do anything.


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  1. Arcat, the first thing he would have taken away from her would have been her confidence and her strength, and he would have done it so quietly and so slowly that she wouldn’t have noticed until it was too late.She has to be reminded of the person she used to be and really WANT to be that person again. That is the only way she is going to get the courage to leave him. He has probably convinced her that without him, she is nothing.You don’t notice whats happening until its too late and by then you have no more fight left in you.I will pray for you and your family. Your sister is in my thoughts as where she is now is not a good place to be, but with your love and support, she will give through it, of that I am certain.

  2. Thank you for all your comments, advice, support and prayers. My sister just told me now the priest from their church is coming to their home this evening. They have told him they need help with their marriage. I hope this is the start of the end. I am not silly to believe it will be better overnight but its a ray of hope.

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