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I feel jealous.  This morning one of the ladies at work told me she is 3 months pregnant.  And I have to admit that though I am extremely happy for her, I am jealous too.  It’s not nice to realise such things about yourself.  She will be a lovely mother and I’m sure she is going to produce a great looking child.

Hubby and I talked yestersay about what our plans for a baby are.  2011.  That’s when we start trying.  I take my last pill 31 December 2010. And then we see what happens. Then we start talking about what do we do when the maternity leave is over.  Who takes care of the little one?  We don’t want the daycare option, she/he will be too young still.  The option we thought would be most viable would be a nanny.  Where does one find someone you are comfortable enough with to leave your baby.  Or maybe we don’t have a baby because we can’t stay home and take care of the baby.  What do people do? What have you done or planning to do?


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  1. mmmm baby planning didn’t quite work out for me. When we decided it was time and we wanted one, mother nature said no. So we went through trauma and IVF and now have kids. Sometimes the best plans don’t go according to plan. So maybe all the “after” questions can be asked when little one is on the way. Just makes things less complicated now to wonder about something 3 years away.good luck trying 🙂

  2. Bambina you don’t know how broody I am. I’d try now if I stopped listning to my head. I know it might not work out but that’s the plan for now.

  3. Well relatives would be a better option for the first few month after maternity. 2011? Shoo! Thats quite a wait for someone who is already feeling broody.

  4. GreetingsRe your comment: yes we do need the money, so it would be for your post, looking for a nanny or babysitter is a hectic one, and could be stressful with someone new in your life too in the begining, but there are places that you can call, almost like a recruiting agency only this is for aupairs, nannies and such like things.I did a course or six at a place called edubabe/educare, they are a centre that train nannies and aupairs, once they have been trianed the centre tries to get them a job, the first one is normally a baby sitting job for a max of 4 hours, if the person can handle that then they are placed in something more permanent, but for the first 3 months the centre keeps in contact with both parties to make sure things are running smoothly.I know there is a centre in kempton (the place is called educare), I also know that they place you any where in SA, but maybe there is a centre near you that may be able to help.good luckhugs

  5. My friend’s also pregnant. And I’m not jealous at all… Frankly, I’m too young to start raising another human being. I can barely take care of number one… but will have kids in my thirties somewhere (with my husband, if the man EVER APPEARS!) 🙂

  6. The way things are these days, I wouldn’t have a baba unless we were in a financial position whereby I could work only half days and had a trusted family member (eg: gran) available to help.

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