It is almost the end and its really hard hanging on til the end.  This has been a crazy work week, but its about over and hopefully no one call me with anything before I have to leave.  Working on some nice stuff, trying to negotiate my way through weird software.  Learning lots 🙂 

lone this weekend.  Hubby has to work, so I’ll try to be good and do my stuff.  Thinking about finishing up my current projects or maybe I’ll hand out on the couch. 

I will have to get some chores in.  The weekend is the only time.  Also I need to get to the nursery and finish up my potted garden.  I hope my plants survive the winter.  The cold here tens to kill the more delicate plants.  I’ll just have to keep them warm. 

I have decided to make a shawl for the neighbour’s baby.  The little one is so cute.  Normally you give this kind of thing at birth, I have decided to make it a first birthday  gift.  She will still need a blanket? I like making stuff and its nice to give it away.  I got no babies so I’ll live vicariously through other people. 

Dinner is sorted and I got ready-made food for the rest of the weekend.  Its looking good.  Kitchen should remain relatively clean and dishes will be at a minimum.  I hate laundry, but it’s got to be done. 

The kitty is stuck to me like glue.  Think she is cold.  She cuddles up at any opportunity. 

I hope I am able to sleep late.  I’m too young to be waking at weird hours.

So fess up, who has been leaving anonymous messages that seem to disturb other bloggers.  Lol, who would have thought there would be scandal in blog land. Ok, maybe not scandal, but still someone is stirring.  ‘Fess up!  I would love to know.

Think it might be an early night for me tonight.  It’s cold.   Poor hubby, he cuddles up to me and then I push away.  I get incredibly hot at night.  Its weird.  I get into bed freezing and wake up perspiring.  And I have only one blanket. 

I have made my peace with my techie (even though she did have a clue how upset I was).  

My sister is ill.  I wish I was near enough to visit.  I really miss my family.  I cannot be there when they are going through tough times.  The other is having a baby.  Again I miss out on a family occasion.  It really sucks.  I hate the credit crunch/recession/tough times whatever you want to call it.  Everything is expensive.  I hate budgets.  Its about payday and I need to check the budget.  I know I am better off than a lot of people.  I have no debt.  No one is harassing me for money.  I am able to get my little luxuries.  But the budget sucks.  I don’t have debt because I stick to the budget, as much as I hate it, it’s a good thing.  Keeps me out of trouble.

Hubby on the other hand, has no sense of control of his finances.  As far as I am concerned, he must manage his own money.  He needs to learn to live in the adult world.  We do not spend money we do not have.  That is one point of contention between us.  I am more disciplined in my spending, he on the other hand is whimsical.  I do not stress about money. He does. He refuses to accept my help with his personal expenses. Why? because I earn more then he does.  I can’t help it.  I just have a good job. He feels it emasculates him to accept my money.  I have not yet convinced him its our money.  Men and their weird concepts.  He calls me the financial manager.  He asked me to work out his personal budget.  I did.  But it dos not work if you do not follow it.  I hate budgets.  BUDGETS!!!

Does one need to save money?  What for? Should I not just enjoy my hard earned money now? But then I want babies and a house and that seems just about impossible now.  I believe we will get there.


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  1. Hey, it looks like you have been doing well and sticking to your budget.Why would you want to spoil that now.Keep on saving. Teach hubby how to save and stick to a budget.

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