Hazy lazy crazy days


Monday and Tuesday have been crazy.  Worked late on Monday to finish work and then back at the office at 6am on Tuesday morning to get it all together and then jump in the car for a two hour drive.  The drive is getting better.  I don’t have so many flashbacks to the accident last year and I can drive that road a little more relaxed, not white knuckles squeezing the steering wheel to death and hopeless tears everytime I see an animal.  Got to the meeting and whipped out my stuff.  No one could ask for anything I did not have or had a plan to get to them in time. 

And then, the project manager. He smacked me on the bottom when I was leaving.  Yes I am the only female member of the team, but I am able and I get the stuff done.  I don’t balk at checking out dirty areas, or climbing up into the ceiling, or roof or whatever.  I do it.  I deserve respect.  I do not deserve to be treated like a little girl or someone who you can smack on the bottom.  I found it disrespectful and demeaning.  However, I was so shocked and mortified I could not say or do anything.  And he just carried on walking like nothing had happened. And during the meeting he just tries to talk me down. I cannot say anything without him disagreeing.  Everyone else understands and respects me.  Why can’t he.  The gall of the man.  I don’t know if I need to do something or pretend that it was ok.

Anyway, I must go work a little bit before I can come back and check out the blogs.  I have to get the last bit of info out to the team and then field calls from people who can’t read.


Have fun everyone.


P.S. I have found that I cannot work without my earphones in.  I need my music. I spiral further into craziness. lol


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  1. Tell him you detest pigs who smack people’s bottoms and you will not tolerate it. Who the heck does he think he is! Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. secontime he knows what he is doing in the meeting. He admitted he is a bit of a barbarian, however, no apology. He is rude to everyone so I should try not to take it too personally.

  3. hithanks for the visit.The thing about my salary is i am supposed to be admin/accounts position, when I started my boss told me that I would have to get donations in and of those donations I recieve 10%, but in the last 4 weeks she has kept me so busy with other krap that I havent had time to do what i was supposed to, and then we arent even talking about the books, which I still have not recieved anything on, and the accounting package was only given to me on thursday to load – am still struggling to do that too as the boss alwasy comes in with a huge list of other things to do.I can identify with not being able to work without music, it somehow makes me work faster.as for the pig, I would put him in his place, if not through hr then face to face as things could get worse.hugs

  4. I totally agree that I should do something. It’s for all women..We are not playthings. However he is not part of my company. He is director of another company we work with on this team. BLiz: You need to have a chat with this boss of yours. She is being unfiar. You are not free labour. Get your duties down in writing. And then be a total stickler and stick with it unless you negotiate a fee for extra work.

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